Bugatti electric luxury car may use Porsche Taycan's platform


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Bugatti has been known to be a “one-trick pony” but all that is about to change as it plans to produce an elongated electric luxury car by 2023. Read the gist!

We are sure that not just us at alone but many automobile enthusiasts will agree that the Bugatti brand has been more of a “one-trick pony” for quite some time now but to our greatest surprise, the brand seems to be changing all that perception in few years to come.

Wonder how?

This French hypercar maker has been recently reported to be working on an all-electric luxury car that will be due to launch by the year 2023.

The report also has it that the brand plans on using an elongated/modified version of the same platform that its Taycan model is being built on. With their plans, lots of changes will have to be made to this coming vehicle in order for it to be worthy of high-class view/reputation that comes with the name “Bugatti” itself.

Unlike Porsche, since Bugatti needs not to worry much about price then, we can expect the coming car to be made of lightweight exotic materials and carbon fibre in copious amounts will be added in our guess. All this will be done because it will surely have to clearly differentiate itself from all others that are under the Volkswagen’s umbrella in order to even be taken seriously and patronized.


After Bugatti Divo, which car would be released by this automaker in 2019?

Many reliable sources posit that this coming electric luxury car could possibly bring back the early 20th century Royale name.

Even though solid-state batteries technology has not been pronounced ready yet for production cars, but it is speculated that this coming Bugatti elongated EV could feature an outstanding technological replacement for the regular Li-ion battery normally used in most electric cars.

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti CEO when speaking on the potentials of this upcoming luxury car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show to Bloomberg, he claims that the coming battery-electric vehicle will be way more affordable the usual fare that the brand is knowing for charging.

Some of his other comments were;

"With no definitive timeline for solid state battery deployment, we'll maintain a healthy level of skepticism for now."

"There, I would see us doing a battery electric vehicle,"

"There, the balance between performance and comfort is much more important, and it's about daily usability. This is what I see."

Even though the brand has been known to always be a one-off car brand, it’s obvious that Bugatti isn’t bringing down the current successful “Chiron” or whatever model that is set to replace it. So, this next (planned) electric luxury car will mean that Bugatti would finally after a long time has up to 2 models of cars offering on the auto market. Can they do that?


The brand is considering this Taycan's platform for its upcoming EV

Winkelmann in his interview said that the priorities of the future cars of the company are now changing with a focus on top speed now being very much lower on its priorities list for now.

He said;

"In Bugatti's future, maximum speed does not play the leading role anymore,"

"From now on, we are going to put an emphasis on ultimate overall vehicle dynamics, lightweight and modern sustainable luxury."

We need to confess here that we actually have not much doubt that Bugatti won’t be able to find a home for almost anything it produces at any time.


The Bugatti Chiron is still hot and trendy on the auto market worldwide

The brand told Bloomberg that its average customer has 42(!) vehicles parked in different garages of what we directly assume are several homes all over the world.

Why will anyone want to drive in a stuffy and old Rolls-Royce when they could be enjoying a lifetime ride inside a Bugatti?

We urge you to keep up to date with our contents as we can already guess that lots of rumours and insider information leak on this coming Bugatti all-electric luxury vehicle will soon begin to surface and we will try to be the first to keep you guys posted.

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