Shocking moment a ₦1.2b Bugatti Chiron entered Defense headquarter in Zimbabwe


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Who could have the guts to drive a Bugatti Chiron worth ₦1.2billion into the Defense headquarter in Zimbabwe? See the soldiers staring at the car here!

It was a shocking moment for both the uniform men and civilians present at the Defense Headquarters of Zimbabwe when a white-painted Bugatti Chiron Hypercar rolled into the compound. This limited-edition luxury sports hypercar costs an unbelievable $3.3million which is about ₦1.2billion.


Uniform men were all staring in astonishment as a Bugatti Chiron rolls into Zimbabwe Defense headquarters

Many heads reportedly kept turning as this expensive Hypercar was even escorted by a white expensive Mercedes-AMG G63 (G-Wagon) at the same time. Up till now, the real owner of these expensive luxury cars is yet to be known likewise his/her purpose for visiting the Defense headquarters in such a “loud” manner 😊.


The Bugatti Chiron is a limited-edition luxury Hypercar that worth ₦1.2billion

Before now, it was only two business tycoons – Zunaid Moti and Frank Buyanga that were registered as owners of a Bugatti hypercar respectively in the county.

The big question still remains: Who could be so confident enough to drive such an expensive car alongside a Mercedes G-Wagon convoy into the main Defense Headquarters with zero fear?

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