Moments ₦1.16b Bugatti Chiron and Porsche 911 GTS were wrecked while attempting to overtake an RV


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In an attempt to overtake a slow-moving RV, a ₦1.16b Bugatti Chiron and a Porsche 911 GTS were found in a state of the total wreck recently in Switzerland.

Obviously, we know the feeling when you are driving a hypercar as fast as the 1,500 hp Bugatti Chiron and find yourself in a very slow-moving traffic something frustrating. It is just understandable that a lot of people will take a chance at an open lane just to feel the wrath of the powerful engine inside these super-fast cars. Unfortunately, such an understandable impatience could be disastrous and cost you a fortune.


An astronomical repair cost will still fix this Bugatti Chiron, after suffering damage on its front-end

From the latest report reaching us, having restless horsepower on the pedal had caused a horrible crash, involving a Porsche 911 GTS, a Mercedes C-Class Wagon, and a $3 million (₦1.16 billion) Bugatti Chiron hypercar in Switzerland. We found out that it happened along a mountain road along Gotthard Pass in the Alps, in an attempt to overtake another vehicle.

According to the local police, the 4 cars formed a line right the back of the massive RV, which was moving at a slow speed, earlier this month. Guess the drivers of the Bugatti and Porsche couldn’t take it any longer, but to put this slow-moving RV behind them. The two supercars pulled out from the line formed and decided to pass the remaining vehicles at the same time when the line reaches a straight stretch of tarmac.

The police report stated the possible cause of the crash, which was when the Bugatti sprinted faster than this Porsche, set off a chain-reaction.

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The Porsche 911 GTS was damaged beyond recognition, in a crash during an attempt to overtake a RV

Unfortunately, the 2 cars reportedly crashed into the leftside stone column along the road before facing the incoming traffic. Consequently, the Porsche plowed right into a moving Mercedes-Benz wagon while the Bugatti struck the motorhome. One passenger from the Mercedes-Benz actually suffered a serious injury from this horrible wreck.

From what we could see, there is still hope for the Bugatti to test the road once again, which would require an expensive repair on its front-end. We are not sure about the Porsche 911 GTS, which was damaged beyond easy repair.

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