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Bugatti celebrates the making of the 200th Bugatti Chiron

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on July 12, 2019

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Bugatti has successfully made the 200th unit of the Chiron and it celebrates this success by releasing photos of the production phase. See them here!

The Bugatti Chiron is one super luxurious Hypercar that has been making a lot of headlines here on Naijauto since the beginning of its production and now the 200th Bugatti Chiron has been successfully manufactured.

The French luxury automaker Bugatti recently celebrated the completion of its number 200 Chiron which is also the “110 Ans Bugatti” version that wears special badges and it's adorned with the French flag’s native colours in various parts of the car.


Bugatti celebrates the successful production of the 200th Chiron hypercar

Stephan Winkelmann, the Bugatti President while making comments on this 200th Chiron said;

"You can't feel anything but pride when you see this 200th Chiron emerge from the factory,"

"Also, this model marks the celebration of our company history and recalls our French heritage. The different shades of blue used on this Chiron Sport lend it a timeless elegance."


This is how the engineers assemble the 200th Chiron hypercar

At first glance, one could literally miss the beautiful shades of the blue colour features on the exterior of this Chiron while being captivated by its carbon fibre material.  


And that is the powerful W16 quad-turbo engine of the 200th Chiron hypercar

From the various “behind-the-scenes” photos released by Bugatti; the most intriguing picture was the one showing the gigantic 1,500hp (1,118kW) W16 quad-turbo engine sitting at plain sight. See the engine below;


See the unwrapping of the Bugatti Chiron parts/components

Ultimately, Bugatti will only be building 500 units of the Chiron, so with this 200th unit, the company is just halfway through the production run of the hypercar.

Bugatti claims that it usually takes ten months duration to build one of the Chirons even though the company usually have several units under production at any period of time.

And for those wanting to know; this very 200th Bugatti Chiron is actually destined to be owned by one unnamed buyer that ordered from Switzerland.

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