COVID-19: Lagos BRT bus operators says it is impossible to break-even with mandatory 20 passengers limit


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Lagos BRT bus operators say they are currently running a social service as it's impossible to even break-even with mandatory 60% maximum allowed capacity.

The recently released transport guidelines by the Lagos state government upon the ease of lockdown caters to the health and safety of Lagosians but doesn’t seem so favorable to some businesses in Lagos. One such business is the popular BRT bus, the operators of which have revealed that they can not break-even with the current limit of 20 passengers per BRT bus.


Lagos BRT bus operators disclose that the current limit of 20 passengers per BRT bus is not making the bus company break-even

Earlier this week, we published a post with photos showing how Lagos BRT buses are implementing the government’s social distancing policy. Unfortunately, this policy doesn’t seem to be profitable for the bus company as the operators have now opened up on their current challenges.

With social distancing being unavoidable during this COVID-19 pandemic, Lagos BRT bus company (Primero Transport Services Limited) has disclosed that it's simply running a social service for now because it can’t break-even talk less of making a profit. The company’s managing director, Fola Tinubu made this disclosure in his recent press interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday the 6th of May in Lagos. Tinubu reportedly mentioned that the company is only obeying the government’s directive because it understands that the safety of the people comes first at times like this.

He said that with a mandatory limit of 20 passengers for each bus, the company cannot break-even for now so it is just basically running “social service”.

Fola Tinubu further revealed that each of the Lagos BRT buses on a normal day conveys 70 passengers comprising 28 Standing and 42 Sitting per trip. So, a drop from 70 to just 20 maximum allowed passengers makes it very difficult to break-even or think of profit. He also disclosed that the company has now been forced to scrap short-distance tickets and only allows long-distance tickets of ₦300, ₦250, and ₦200 depending on a commuter’s destination.

The link between COVID-19 and public transportation cannot be overemphasized and is highlighted by instances like the recent incident where Security personnel intercepted a truck with 60 men hidden amidst cows on its way to Lagos. This is despite the existing ban on interstate travel.

We believe that situations like this should motivate anyone not having a car yet to think of getting his or her own soon. We strongly recommend that such persons should read our recently published article that talks about what will happen to car prices in Nigeria after COVID-19.

Check out this video below that shows the new sitting arrangement in Lagos BRT buses;

  Lagos BRT bus sitting arrangement as government partially lifts the coronavirus lockdown on Monday

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