A brief history of the GPS and how it benefits the auto industry


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Did you know how the GPS navigation systems you see in cars today came into being? Find out in this article and also learn about our new technology.

In this age and time, GPS navigation systems have completely phased out the old paper maps and mouth description to a point that many people now trust directions given by the system more than that of a real human. Despite such a level of trust and common use of GPS navigation systems in vehicles and all sorts, not many people know about how the technology even came into being. This is why we have dedicated this article to discuss a brief history of GPS and how it benefits the auto industry today. Read on!


There is hardly any modern vehicle today without a standard GPS Navigation system

A few months back, we published an article that extensively explains why you should buy a good GPS tracker for your car. But in this new post, we have decided to also explain the background of GPS systems and how they came into being.

1. GPS Navigation Systems – A brief history

The Geolocation systems we all use today were never planned or intended but rather detected by accident during the early days of space exploration. Yes, it was after the Soviet Government’s launch of the Sputnik 1 artificial satellite series in 1957 that American engineers realized a potential technology that can be used for geo-positioning.

A few years later in 1964, the United States Army was able to finalize the very first geo-positioning satellite system which paved the way for the Global Positioning System (GPS) initiated back in 1974. The story from there on has been very interesting especially now that we all have public access to various GPS navigation systems for our everyday use.


GPS navigation systems were never really planned but rather detected at the early days of space exploration

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2. GPS Navigation Systems – How it benefits the auto industry

There isn’t much explanation needed to understand just how much GPS benefits the automotive industry because GPS navigation systems have now become a basic feature of almost all modern cars. It is a crucial part of automobiles that can either come as standard from the factory or be added as a 3rd party add-on feature to many cars we use today.

The GPS system in automobiles comprises a device that uses satellite navigation signals to produce geo-positioning data which is usually presented in a human-friendly view on a screen. The provided data has been “fine-tuned” and improved over the years that just about anyone can now easily use the Maps (GPS) system of their automobiles to navigate an unknown area, avoid being held in unnecessary traffic jams, and to detect the shortest routes to any specific location.


GPS navigation systems like Google Maps, Waze app and the likes have become a crucial feature on most modern cars today

3. GPS Navigation Systems – Naijauto's new Mart function

In case you haven’t noticed, Naijauto has recently launched a new smart feature that also applies a rich library of features that helps car buyers to find car sellers near them. Yes, with our new technology, anyone looking to buy a car in Nigeria will not only be able to easily find car sellers nearby but even see the streets on which such car sellers reside. Cool, huh?


Naijauto’s new feature helps you to see the state, Area, and even name of the street where you can find a car seller nearby

And if you want to see a more in-depth explanation of how GPS navigation systems work, check out the video below;

  How GPS Navigation System Works

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