13-year-old boy goes viral for buying his mum a car


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A 13-year-old son shows a selfless act of kindness by trading his Xbox to buy his single mum a car.

Sometimes in life, it is the seemingly the little things or little act of kindness that really touches us and drives us to tears. This young teenager's act of giving has brought his family to limelight.

The story of Krystal Preston that you are about to read is the further proof that you don’t have to drive an expensive car to be happy in life. An action such as a boy buys his single mum a car can generate even greater happiness.


This is such an heartwarming gesture as boy presents the car he bought to his mum

Krystal Preston, a single mother of 3, recently got a most treasured present from an important person in her life – her 13-year-old Wiliam Preston who by his work earned his mother a car as a gift. Wiliam is the oldest among her children has been devoting himself to working in the yard and other housework for his neighbors to help ease his mother's burden and recently he was much engaged in Youtube trending videos of children surprising their mom that he imagined to do such a thing to give his beloved mother smiles.

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Having this at the back of his mind, he began to look around for opportunities and one of them actually came when he saw a woman on Facebook selling an old 1999 Chevrolet Metro. The oldest man in the house tried to reach her via phone, offering a trade for his Xbox or some yard work. Initially, she said no but the the further negotiations proved fruitful.

Finally the deal was sealed by the two and Wiliam headed with great elation, sharing with his mom: "Mom, I got you a car!". Though the car was in need of some repair, his mom could help but shed her tears of happiness and pride in the boy.

Kystal couldn't keep so much happiness on her own and shared the news on her Facebook:

“I was handed the keys and paperwork to the car and I'm freaking out, but so in shock. So we got into the car it started right up and off we went. I am so proud of my son. He is such a good kid. William, I love you son and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you...,”


Buying a car for his mum will definitely go a long way for her nd just make life kess stressful

Video: Boy trades Xbox to buy mom a car

This story has drawn a lot of attention and it is has inspired almost 2,000 people who have shared the story on social media ever since it happened. Naijauto.com also noticed that more than 8,000 people have hit the like button on the post as well.

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