Not Accord or Civic, this is suprisngly Honda's best-selling car in Japan


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The boxy Honda N-Box is the undisputed champion of Honda cars in Japan, set to be the best-selling car for 3 years in a row. See pictures!

Honda is one of the most popular brands out there in the global auto market and there is no way you will mention Honda without naming its popular models such as Accord or Civic on sale. Surprisingly, none of these popular Honda products ranks as the best-selling model in their place of origin, Japan.


The N-Box has been the best-selling Honda car for the past 3 years in its home country, Japan

Have you heard about the Honda N-Box? For three years now, this boxy Honda car has been the best-selling model in Japan. This model, also known as Kei car, comes cheap, quite easy to maintain and the smoothness in parking it is as smooth as anything you could imagine. According to history, the origin of Kei cars could be traced all the way back to the post-Second World War era, when many Japanese were unable to afford a full-sized vehicle, hereby resorting to purchasing of motorcycles. To prevent the sudden death of the auto industry and to cater to the needs of private citizens and small scale businesses, this Kei car was brought into life as a sustainable alternative to solving those varying problems.


The affordable boxy Honda N-Box offers enough room for an exciting road trip

From what we learnt, the automaker has been able to reach a milestone of 1.7 million cumulative sales of this N-Box since its debut in 2011. This is an impressive figure for a single Honda’s model.

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Honda N-Box Custom Full Review

The Honda N-Box comes fitted with a 3-cylinder 658 cc-inline turbo engine and an alternative turbo engine with generative outputs of 58 horsepower and 63 horsepower respectively, and a mated CVT gearbox. This small engine is the best fit for such a Kei car and it also offers an optional four-wheel-drive system.


The beautifully designed Honda N-Box is very easy to maintain and park as well

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