Bomb joke on a plane gone wrong as panicked passengers where jumping off an aircraft’s wing


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You really need to see how some terrified passengers were jumping off an aircraft's wing after a random person pulled a bomb joke on a plane. Read about it here!

Bomb joke on a plane preparing to transport about 189 passengers is really not a good one. found this video and decided to research the news and give you guys a brief on the actual incident that occurred in the video.

The incident occurred on a Monday night when some passengers overheard a certain young man about 26 years old when he was telling one of the flight attendants that there was a bomb on board that plane. The plane was a 189-passenger Boeing 737 belonging to Lion Air Indonesia which was preparing for take-off to Jakarta.


Lion Air has been involved in some scandals in recent years

As the passengers began to panic on hearing the bomb joke on the plane, one of them went ahead to furiously break the emergency exit windows. These broken exits aggravated the situation by allowing the already panicked passengers to start climbing out of the plane’s window. They got themselves onto the plane’s wing after climbing out the window and from there started jumping to the ground directly. Some of these panicked passengers even went to the extent of sliding down the plane’s right engine to land on the tarmac.

After a thorough search was conducted, officials found no explosive materials on this plane but about 10 of the panicked passengers were already injured as they were jumping and sliding to flee the plane. Most of the injured passengers had head wounds and broken bones and were admitted to the nearest hospital where they were being treated.

See the video below:


Panicked passengers slide down plane's wing after bomb scare

What do you think? Will it be right to judge the actions of the injured passengers as stupid?

Well, it’s not that easy to just condemn the actions taken by some of these terrified passengers. It is natural for most of us to definitely run for safety whenever our lives are being threatened in such a situation like this bomb scare. Everyone will definitely want to run for their lives as long as they got a chance.

Although, a report has it that the flight attendant onboard this aircraft said that after the Captain asked them to leave the plane, she clearly instructed the passengers to leave the plane immediately in an orderly and calm manner. But the passengers did not yield to her instructions and pushed one another as they scrambled out of the plane at that instant.


Passengers scrambled out of the Lion Air’s 189 passenger Boeing 737 plane and 10 got injured badly

When there were about 189 passengers onboard an aircraft and a bomb joke was cracked at the instance of taking off, we can be sure that no one will care about being calm or orderly in their escape approach as the flight attendant was instructing. It is just quite unfortunate that some unbelievable people will still crack such kind of dangerous jokes like “bomb on the plane” in this century. Especially with the way people have been exposed to exaggerated plane bombing scenarios in movies and with the increasing terrorist attacks reported in the News daily.

After the whole incident was over and everything was gotten under control, both the 26-year-old “fake bomb joke” man and the other passenger that got the emergency windows broken were arrested immediately. They were apprehended just as the injured passengers were rushed to the hospital and both of these men were made to now face up to 8 years prison sentence.

As a result of the entire incident and ugly scenario, the flight was delayed for 3 hours before it was now later cleared for departure. Funny enough, it is just a 1-hour flight to Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. So, all the remaining passengers eventually spent 4 hours altogether before they could reach Jakarta safely.

It’s a highly expensive Joke to give a false alarm of a bomb onboard a plane and such jokes should be highly avoided. It’s a joke that can land anyone in jail.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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