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If you frequently travel with ride-hailing apps, here is how to find Bolt Nigeria promo codes 2020, latest pricing & comparison with Uber!


Moving around Nigeria hasn’t been always an easy task for a non-car owner, but with the advent of comfort cabs like Bolt, you can basically shut out all the noise and enjoy a smooth ride to your destination. Formerly called Taxify, Bolt has strong competitors like Uber, In-Driver and a few others that operate in Lagos and other major cities across Nigeria, but clearly, Nigerians have their favorite. This article will be dedicated to Bolt users with how to find Bolt promo codes 2020, pricing calculation, and price comparison with Uber. Let's join Naijauto and check it out!

Download and use Bolt (Taxify) app

The first thing to get cheap rides with Bolt is you need to know the cities Bolt cover. Currently, Bolt operates in 9 cities across Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Benin City, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Uyo, Ibadan, and Calabar. If you reside in those cities, you can

  • Download Bolt app:

>>> Download Bolt app for Android

>>> Download Bolt app for iOS

  • Register and create a Bolt account by filling in the necessary information.

Bolt (Taxify) Nigeria promo codes 2020

Bolt usually offers promo codes for its riders. You can enjoy deduction on your trip bill by ₦3,000 or up to 40%. What's more, Bolt allows Nigerian as well as some African riders use promo codes with both card payment and cash payment. Find the 3 ways to get discounts below:

Bolt Nigeria promo codes for existing users: up to 40% off your trip fare

Bolt offers promo codes for its existing riders from time to time, depending on how frequent rider you are. Here is how to find it on the app:

  1. Go to the main menu on the top left corner
  2. Visit the Promotion section
  3. Select which active promotion to apply to your next trip


Visit the main menu by clicking on the top left corner



Choose promotions



You can get an email just like this one occasionally from Bolt

Get free rides with Bolt referral promo codes: up to ₦3,000

You can get as much as ₦3000 off your ride when you tell a friend to download the Bolt app and they get their first ride free of charge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your Bolt application
  2. Click the icon on the top left corner of your screen (the one that should carry your picture)
  3. Click “Free Rides”
  4. Proceed to invite your friends to take a ride with Bolt - You can share via SMS, social media platforms or simply by sending the displayed code to any of your friends.


Click the icon on the top left corner of your screen


Click “Free Rides”.


Invite your friends to take a ride with Bolt


  • When you get a friend to sign up with Bolt, they have to input the referral code you get, the code will activate their free ride.
  • Bolt referral codes can only be used by new customers who don't share a device or payment method with you 
  • The code can not be redeemed by existing customers who re-registered, even though they uninstall the application.

Bolt Nigeria promo code for new riders: up to ₦3,000

If you are new riders, you can enjoy a free trip valued up to ₦3,000 with its first Bolt ride promo code. Apart from Bolt's Twitter page, here are some websites with latest Bolt promo codes for Nigerians:

Simply reveal the code and enter it in the app when you pay for your trip to get discounted.


  • You can not use two promo codes for one ride. 
  • Promo codes may have the maximum deducted amount
  • If the value of the promo code is higher than the fare of the trip, you can't use the remaining amount for the next trip

How to use promo code for your trips

  1. Visit the main menu by clicking on the top left corner
  2. Click "Payment" and choose a preferred payment method, cash or card
  3. Go back to Main Menu and click "Promotions"
  4. Enter the promo code to apply for your next trip



Choose a preferred payment method.


Choose card payment


Go back to Main Menu and click promotions.


Enter the promo code to apply for your next trip.


Bolt (Taxify) pricing in Nigeria: How much is a Bolt ride?

Pricing is the determining factor when deciding to take a ride with Bolt or Uber (see the price comparison between Bolt and Uber below). In order to avoid unpleasant cases, Bolt likes to make sure you have an idea of how much your next trip will cost.

How to view the estimated cost for your trip

To see the estimated cost, follow these steps on your Bolt app:

  1. Click “Search Destination
  2. Enter your preferred destination
  3. The estimated cost will be displayed after a few seconds
  4. You can click on the price to get a detailed estimate


Click “Search Destination”.


The estimated cost will be displayed after a few seconds

How is the price calculated?

Bolt displays this estimation after considering the shortest route to your destination and the estimated time of arrival. The price is calculated by combining:

  • Base fare: flat pick up price. However short or long route, the base fare is fixed
  • Minute rate: price per minute from start to end of a trip
  • Kilometre rate: price per kilometre covered by the distance of the route
  • Dynamic pricing: if the demand is high, especially during rush hours and during bad weather, dynamic price is applied.

Sometimes the bill at the end of your trip may sometimes be higher than the estimated cost displayed on the Bolt app, due to:

  • Fees at tollgates, parking lot, airport etc. (see below)
  • Unforeseen delays like road construction
  • If you change your destination during the trip (the price will be re-calculated)

How much does Bolt charge for Airport and toll fees?

The cost of parking, toll, and airport fees will not be displayed before you begin your trip, this is because Bolt charges you based on how much the Bolt driver paid. For instance, Lekki toll gate and Ikoyi link bridge cost about ₦200, this is the exact fee that will be added to your final bill.

For International Airport, a fee is automatically added to your bill to compensate the Bolt rider. Prices to get to and from Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport (Abuja) is between ₦3,500 and ₦3,700. Prices to get to and from Sam Mbakwe Airport (Owerri) is from ₦4,500 to ₦5,500.

Is Bolt cheaper than Uber?

According to a consumer survey conducted by Techcabal, Uber and Bolt have almost the same percentage of frequent riders. However, riders who alternate between the two ride-hailing apps share that they tend to take Bolt for shorter trips and Uber for longer ones. This is because Bolt has a lower minimum fare and costs less with shorter routes, but rises very quickly with long trips or when there is traffic. Meanwhile, Uber seems to be more stable in pricing.

Uber vs. Bolt survey

Uber vs. Bolt (Taxify)

Uber vs Taxify in Nigeria | How to move around in Lagos, Nigeria

Bolt (Taxify) Nigeria contact

Here are contacts of Bolt Nigeria in case you need any support:

City  Support & FAQ  In-Person support address 
 Lagos  Plot 9 Gabriel Olusanya Street, off QMB Builders Mart Road, Elf Bus Stop. Lekki.
 Abuja  No 10, Volta Street Maitama (Off Thames Street)
 Benin  to be updated
 Calabar  to be updated
 Ibadan  to be updated
 Kano  Dicebox Innovation Hub, No 3 Sabo Bakin, Zuwo Road, Opposite Government House, Kano
 Owerri  to be updated
 Port Harcourt  to be updated
 Uyo  to be updated

Final words

So you have every updated information of this popular ride-hailing app, from Bolt promo codes 2020, price calculation, and cost comparison between Bolt and Uber. We at Naijauto Transportation team hope you'll have safe and enjoyable trips. If you have ridden with Bolt or Uber, please share the experience with us!

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