Bolt rewards top performing drivers for 2019 with Dubai trip


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Bolt ride-hailing platform has rewarded top drivers with an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai as a way of motivating them to maintain high ratings and deliver quality service

Bolt, one of the leading ride-hailing companies in Nigeria has rewarded its top-performing drivers of 2019. The transportation company gave out all-expense-paid trips to Dubai to drivers who delivered high-quality service in 2019.


Bolt rewarded its top-performing drivers for 2019 to motivate them to provide high-quality service

Naijauto gathered the gesture was the company's way of rewarding and motivating drivers for their loyalty, upholding high ratings on the app and delivering top-notch service.

After reviewing the ratings of each driver with equal performance metrics, two drivers emerged as the high performing drivers for 2019. They are Franklin Nnolum, an Abuja driver and Samuel Ayodele from Lagos State.

One of the winners, Franklin Nnolum, has maintained the position of Bolt driver of the month four times and has on the course, received cash prizes. So this top driver award isn't new to him.

According to Franklin, he has prioritized high-quality service to his riders with his eyes on the reward.

Franklin began driving under the Bolt ride-hailing platform in 2017 and was able to share his experience so far with the company.

He said,

I started driving with Bolt just before Bolt launched its operations in Abuja. So, you can say I’m one of the pioneer drivers there. They started on a really good footing and have sustained that so I’ve never seen a reason to drive on any other platform.

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Franklin Nnolum and Samuel Ayodele were rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai for outstanding performance

The other winner, Samuel Ayodele, was selected based on the regular high ratings he got and the number of finished rides as well. He clinched the overall prize for Bolt driver for 2019, which was a trip for two persons. Samuel will be taking the Dubai trip with his wife.

Samuel who never paid any attention to the top-notch ratings he got on Bolt app was shocked and at the same excited to have emerged the overall top driver in Bolt.

He said,

I have been solely generating income to fend for my family through the Bolt app since 2017. It’s been a wonderful experience so far.”

I have never travelled out of the country before and look forward to this trip because it would be a lifetime experience

Samuel who also expressed his gratitude to Bolt for positioning itself as a steady source of livelihood to many homes advised fellow drivers to keep delivering exceptional service on the ride-hailing platform.

While speaking on the award and their drivers’ performance, the manager of Bolt Nigeria, Femi Akin-Laguda, said,

Drivers are the backbone of our ecosystem and we are constantly looking for ways to improve driver incentives. We expect that with this, driver satisfaction will greatly increase and the ripple effect of this will be superior ride experiences for passengers who choose Bolt. Mr. Ayodele and Mr. Nnolum serve as great examples of consistently excellent service to riders. We applaud them and will continue to engage drivers with benefits and appreciation rewards

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt ride-hailing company, made a key shift in its business delivery last year by rebranding as Bolt to provide multiple transportation options beyond private cars.

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