A retired Boeing 747 is hauled across the road to Corendon hotel for tourist attraction


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You need to see the images and video of this retired Boeing 747 plane as its being hauled across the road to a Hotel to become a new attraction. See it here!

For us here at Naijauto, we could only think of the expression “Time to go Home” when we got the update about this of a certain retired Boeing 747-400 aircraft that is being hauled across the streets and roads down to a Hotel where it is going to become a new form of attraction.

The Dutch airline KLM has been seen transporting one Boeing 747-400 of 150-tonne across the road to the courtyard of Corendon Village hotel, Amsterdam where they claim will be its new home from now on. Why?

Because the aircraft has been flown for good 30 years and it has now retired. Would you agree with us now, that it's truly “Time to go Home”?

A record total of 9,000 people actually applied for the just 6,000 tickets available covering to watch this aircraft’s 8 miles (12.5 km) and 5-day journey from the airport all the way to the hotel.


Photos from the nights when the retired Boeing 747-400 Aircraft is being moved

This retired aircraft was actually acquired by its new owners after it made its last successful commercial flight all the way from Los Angeles to Amsterdam back in 2018. After the purchase, the plane was flown for repainting job in Rome where it was repainted to the white and red livery of its new owner’s brand.


The plane lands in the garden of Corendon Hotel

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After the aircraft returned to the Netherlands, AELS – an aircraft recycling company removed all of its reusable materials. Then, this aircraft was finally hauled from the Schiphol Airport to its new home on a huge transporter automotive – the self-propelled multi-wheeled Mammoet transporter. This transportation process involved taken the plane across 17 ditches and even the A9 motorway before it finally came to rest at Corendon Village Hotel’s garden where it now serves as a new attraction.

See a short clip as of the aircraft being moved at night times below:

Boeing 747 Corendon crosses A9 motorway

In fact, the new owners of the aircraft have named it as a new tourist attraction tagged as “Corendon Boeing 747 Experience” and they also plan to convert this feel into a 5D-experience later this year.


The Corendon Boeing has become a new tourist attraction in the region

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