Family of Pius Adesanmi, the Nigerian died in Boeing 737 MAX crash, was compensated ₦52 million


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Family of Nigerian-Born Canadian Professor, late Pius Adesanmi and other affected families are set to receive ₦52m each from Boeing. Do you think that's responsible enough?

The Boeing Company has set aside a financial assistance fund of $50 million for the payment of the family of the Pius Adesanmi, Nigerian-born Canadian professor and the other 345 families of those who died in the 2 fatal 737 MAX crashes about ₦52 million ($144,500) each.

Camille S. Biros and Ken Feinberg, Washington lawyers, are in charge of the fund and will start accepting claims from the affected families.


Boeing 737 MAX is still being investigated after the two fatal accidents that claimed hundred lives

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Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, recently said:

“We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of all those on board,”

“The opening of this fund is an important step in our efforts to help affected families.”

There was also an announcement in July by the aircraft manufacturer that an additional $50 million will be used to aid economic empowerment and education in impacted communities.


Pius Adesanmi - One of the passengers that lost their lives in the Boeing 737 MAX Ethiopian crash

According to them, in a short time from the moment a claim submitted is found eligible and all needed documentation collected, the eligible claim will be paid. This claim shouldn’t be postmarked no later than 30 November.

In another development, the fund, which is seen as publicity stunt, has been dismissed by the Attorney based in Texas, representing the fifteen families.

He said:

“$144,000 doesn’t come close to compensating any of our families or any of the families,”

“This is not something that is going to satisfy the families. The families really want answers.”

Since the occurrence of those two air mishaps in Indonesia and Ethiopia, the 737 MAX aircraft has been stopped from flying worldwide. From the preliminary findings, it was suggested that there was a problem with its anti-stall system.

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