Bobrisky plans to buy expensive cars for her future wife if she turns back to a man


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Bobrisky has just revealed the type of wife she wants and her plans to spoil the wife with expensive cars if she turns back to a man.

Naijauto has gotten yet another interesting gist about the popular Nigerian transgender/cross-dresser, Bobrisky as he discloses possible plans of turning back to a man and the type of woman he would marry.

It is worth recalling that many times in the past, Idris Okuneye a.k.a. “Bobrisky” had publicly blasted people who advised him to drop his transgender/cross-dresser lifestyle and come out clean as a male gender that he had initially been.


Bobrisky has always loved luxury cars and now he’s promising to buy some for his future wife if he turns back to a male

Now it gets really interesting to see Bobrisky himself, put out a recent post on social media where he revealed the type of woman he would love to marry and how he will buy her expensive cars and spoil her with so much luxury if only he ever changes back to being a man in the future.

Could this be a subtle sign that Bobrisky is backing down in his fight for acceptance of Transgenders and cross-dressers in Nigeria?

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Full sharing of the first Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky

Source: The_CommentSection

The seriousness in the tone which Bobrisky used in writing out his fantasies of possibly getting married to a “female” and also how he will spoil her with good things as a “husband” is really suspicious in his post considering the fact that he is still currently claiming to be a “woman”.

See below, the original post of Bobrisky where he mentioned all of these interesting things;


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