BMW-Benz troll: BMW made "Thank you" video to the retired Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche


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BMW & Mercedes-Benz can't stop having fun with each other. An inspiring farewell “Thank You” video was made by BMW for the retired Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche with a surprising end. Everyone must see this!

In case you are still in doubt, let break it to you; Dieter Zetsche – head of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG Board of Management’s Former Chairman has now officially handed his reign over to the new Chairman, Ola Källenius after a whole 13 years rule over one of the world’s biggest automotive brand.

But the real gist in this post is actually what the brand’s German counterpart/competitor – BMW did.

BMW seemed to be feeling really inspired to the extent of making their own farewell video clip that portrays Dieter Zetsche’s last day as Daimler AG chairman, his last trip home and his personal garage where something “special” sits waiting for him.

BMW-Dieter Zetsche-retirement-farewell

The scene Dieter Zetsche was dropped home on his retirement day from the BMW’s video

The clip released by BMW has been titled “Retirement Is About Exploring Your Wide-Open Future

At the ending part of the clip, we see Dieter Zetsche’s look-alike rev out a new BMW i8 Roadster PHEV sports car out of his garage moments after the Mercedes-Benz representative had dropped him at home and said goodbye.

Watch the so-called BMW’s controversial farewell video below;

  Retirement is about exploring your wide-open future.

The gist didn’t end with the BMW’s uploaded video clip. Just a few moments after BMW uploaded the clip on its social media handles, Mercedes-Benz interestingly re-tweeted the same video but with a more interesting quote that reads;

“Thanks, BMW, for the kind suggestion – but we’re 100% sure he already decided to #SwitchtoEQ”

This reply or quote clearly hints that the brand is soon launching its electric mobility lineup. And the reactions below the quote is even more hilarious. See it below!

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