BMW: Vehicle electrification is overhyped, diesel engines will still be around for 20 more years


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Despite the overwhelming trend of electric vehicles, BMW's opinion is that vehicle electrification is currently overhyped and that diesel engines will still be around for 20 more years. Read their statement here!

Naijauto is not so sure whether to stand with BMW with their current controversial public statement about vehicle electrification.

Even though BMW has already become an active participant in the current flurry of the so-called “overhyped” electrified cars showcases, the automaker claims to not yet be convinced that internal combustion engines are coming to an end anytime soon.

Klaus Frohlich, a board member on the development team at BMW Group was recently quoted by Automotive News saying;

"The shift to electrification is overhyped. Battery-electric vehicles cost more in terms of raw materials for batteries. This will continue and could eventually worsen as demand for these raw materials increases,"

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Even though BMW is already producing electric cars, it still believes the diesel engine will be around for next 20years

This view is clearly different from that of other automakers like Tesla and all other electric vehicle backers. So, it gets really confusing and sparks doubts about the many times that BMW has publicly mentioned actively pursuing and developing all-electric vehicle models. 

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Frohlich, however, revealed that BMW is currently working on ways to keep its powerful V8 gasoline-powered engines around for longer and will be paired with any modernized form of vehicle electrification in the near future, specifically to favour nations that face heavy taxes for high CO2 output.

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