BMW presents new strategy for their electric vehicles


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BMW has reiterated its commitment toward the productions of flexible electric cars. Get the scoop about its strategic approach in actualizing this goal!

Off-the-beaten-track, BMW looking for new strategy of EVs

Luxury automakers from Germany couldn’t be more optimistic about EVs. BMW is optimistic as well, but it’s taking a slightly different route from Mercedes and Audi with its introduction of its new vehicle designs come 2021. The company’s communications manager for electromobility Wieland Bruch passed across the company’s futuristic EV strategy to the world at the Geneva Motor Show which was held last week.


BMW affirms the flexibility of the brand's electric car fleet!

Speaking on the subject, Bruch was reported saying: “When we started with BMW i five years ago, we felt it was the time for fully electric cars.” He further explained that an EV only platform was what the BMW i3 was built on. The company’s intention at the time was to manufacture more Bimmers that’d be used as electric vehicles only. Their big lesson learned, according to Bruch, was that electric mobility is growing rapidly in various markets, however, the transition from combustion engines to totally electric mobility will be gradual.

Markets for the 70-plus BMW are currently on different levels in terms of readiness for EVs. Consequently, the newly built BMW platforms from 2021 will have the capacity to accommodate combustion engines as well as pure electric powertrain and plug-in hybrid. Bruch added that “other manufacturers now introducing electromobility will start with solitary electric platforms.”

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BMW's success code: 25/25/25

The company has made provision for precise badging which will be installed in futuristic electric vehicles built specifically on these platforms that are flexible. Complete electric versions will be branded with an “i” prefix. In view of this, a-series would be categorized as an i5.

A date hasn’t been fixed for the introduction of the plug-in hybrid and pure electric yet. But it’s confirmed that the electrified models will be released over an eight year product circle kicking off in 2021. By the end of the decade, the whole BMW portfolio will be made available with three individual propulsion systems.


The EV i3 from BMW bears the typical sporty look as other brand products

In Bruch’s words: “We are massively behind electrification. But it’s not going to be all of a sudden that the switch gets turned and we all drive electrically. It’s a longer way.”

BMW beat its competitors in introducing an EV platform that’s truly dedicated. Bruch also revealed that they learned serious lessons about the duration of time consumers in certain markets take to get around concerns about cost, charging and range. This propelled the automaker to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more flexible approach.

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