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BMW builds plant in Mexico amidst Trump’s tariff threat on Mexican goods


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Though higher tariffs will be imposed by Trump. BMW's first plant in Mexico will still be open as a strategic move by the German carmaker.

Top automaker BMW is not perturbed by the threats of United State’s President, Donald Trump, to impose new tariffs on imports from Mexico as it opens a new BMW plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


The plant is in a strategetic location between North and South America

The BMW’s first plant in Mexico was reported to have cost over a billion dollar to construct. It is estimated to offer employment to over 2,500 persons, and has the capacity of churning out about 175,000 vehicles every year.

Oliver Zipse, Production Chief, is optimistic about the location of the plant, describing Mexico as the “ideal place” for automakers due to it being “a strategic location between North and South America, the Atlantic and the Pacific.”

Zipse disclosed that the new factory will cater to a total number of 40 markets with the U.S. being inclusive.

“From here we are delivering our locally produced BMW 3 Series for customers worldwide,’’ he stated.

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BMW's new plant in Mexico

The Production Chief further revealed that the flexible nature of the brand's production network was good enough to withstand changing circumstances that may arise. According to him, there is no need for a change of location from Mexico for the time being. He described the controversial tariff concerns as “speculative.”

The opening of this plant by BMW was announced while discussions between the U.S. and Mexico negotiators were ongoing over Trump’s resolve to impose a new 5% tariff on goods coming into the US from Mexico, commencing on June 10, 2019.

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Chris Odogwu