5 mind blowing features of the BMW M760i


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The German brand just can't help surprising us. Now with these 5 mind blowing features of the BMW M760i, you are surely left bewildered! Check them below!

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the coolest BMWs ever made, the BMW M760i, essentially the competitor of the Mercedes S65 AMG. Massive V12 packed with technology and luxurious amenities, let’s talk about it!

The BMW M760i has as much power as the E63. 601hp in that massive V12 Sudan. The M760i slots itself in such an interesting position, kind of between the S63 and the S65 and having seen them and sat in them, an M760 will definitely be chosen over an S63. There’s just something about the way it looks, the rarity, the prestige of having that V12, honestly, appearance packages make such a big difference. With the 740 & 750, you can get the M sport package that makes the car look so much better. The S class, I wouldn’t even want, unless it has that sports package.

The interior in the M760i is unbelievable with a V12 that sounds absolutely amazing. It is 206.6 inches long, essentially the exact same length as an S-class. So, let’s go right in and talk about 5 mind blowing features on BMW M760i!

1. The BMW display key

This is one of the largest keys in the world and there’s a reason for that. It has a touchscreen display on it. So, clicking the side button, the touchscreen lights up. With the display key on, you go ahead and swipe up. You can see loads of different bits of information on your 7-series. You can tell your 7-series what time you’re leaving and it’ll turn on the game a little bit before that to cool the cabin down or warm it up so it’s the optimal temperature when you get in the car. And the coolest feature of the remote, you can do remote controlled parking. Now, the remote parking does have its limitations.


Touchscreen key display and probably one of the largest car keys ever made

The 7-series can only go perfectly forward and perfectly backward, it can’t actually maneuver and turn out of a spot. BMW claims the key has a range of about 900 ft, if you use BMW’s phone app, you can do it from a much larger distance. To get started with the self-parking, all you have to do is click the power button to light up the screen, swipe up on the display then, you press and hold the P button on the side. It’ll show a menu that it’s connecting, and when it’s connected, it shows a menu that says “Engine start”, click on that and voila! It’s time to park.

2. The Active Shutters

The flaps inside of the kidney grills actually open and close depending upon internal engine temperature as well as vehicle speed. The drags are closed when parked to reduce drag and improved fuel efficiency. If this BMW M760i decides it needs more airflow and cooling, the vents go ahead and open up.


Superb drive power, thanks to the V12 fitted engine.

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3. The interior

This is an option that has never been seen on any other US spec 760. If you open up the middle compartment at the back seat, which is usually a pass-through for skis or for reaching items, you will see that there’s actually a refrigerator with spaces for champagne bottles. You can also control how cold you want the refrigerator. This comes in very handy on long road trips.


The interior is nothing but pure luxury and with plenty of room for a comfortable driving experience

4. The tablet

On the app, you can control anything inside the BMW M760i from interior lighting, ambient lighting, the seats themselves, climate control, you can change what song is on and also view navigation information. You can control the position of the seats by just touching it on the screen of the tablet.

You can also turn on the massage feature of the seats through the tablet and also via the button on the door. You can even control the optional $3,400 (~N1.2m) bowlers and walking speaker system mad activate the ambient lighting function. There’s also headrest entertainment as well.


The BMW M760i gets on a whole new vibe with its infotainment system

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5. The 360 degrees surround view camera

When the 760 is put into reverse, the back camera pops up with guidelines when you turn the steering wheel, the actual lines themselves move as usual. You can place your hand on the front of the dashboard control and rotate the car around so you can see a 360-degree 3D view of your 7 series in real life. There are also various camera angles that you can click on via touch.

Video: 5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!

The amount of technology and features the M760i has is unbelievable. If you buy this car, make sure you listen to everything the BMW genius says when you’re taking your delivery. Those are the 5 mind blowing features of the BMW M760i. Hope you enjoy our articles by Naijauto experts!

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