BMW is the largest automotive exporter in USA in 5 consecutive years


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Did you know that if classified by value, BMW Manufacturing still remains the leading and largest automotive exporter in the U.S till now? See the details here!

Are there serious BMW fans among you readers?

Maybe we will conduct a survey to find out in the future. For now, we bring some interesting insight into BMW's production to you guys.

According to the data that the United States Department of Commerce released this week, BMW Manufacturing is leading the nation again for the 5th consecutive year now if classified by value in terms of automotive exports.

This company exported a total of 234,689 of its X models during 2018 from its plant in Spartanburg, SC. According to this released data, around 81% of these Coupes and Sports Utility Vehicles had a ₦3 Trillion ($8.4 billion) and were actually exported through the Port of Charleston. This by no doubt confirms that BMW Manufacturing is definitely the leading automotive exporter in the US. by value.

The 19% remaining of the X models were recorded to have been exported through 5 other U.S. southern ports which are: Everglades, Miami and Jacksonville in Florida as well as Brunswick and Savannah in Georgia. When all of this data was summed up by calculation, around 66% of the Spartanburg plant’s production was exported out of its 356,749 total production units. However, due to model updates of the much loved BMW X5 and BMW X4, the company had a slight decline in the exports and production volume in the year 2018.


BMW Manufacturing has quite a number of women working for the brand

The CEO and president of BMW Manufacturing, Knudt Flor during an interview said;

“Despite last year’s model changeovers and the ongoing uncertainty regarding trade and tariffs, Plant Spartanburg is still positively contributing to the U.S. balance of trade,”

“This achievement clearly reinforces BMW’s ongoing commitment in the U.S. With additional models such as the first-ever BMW X7, the BMW X3 M and X4 M, and the recently-announced BMW X3 and X5 plug-in hybrid vehicles, we anticipate an increase in production and exports for 2019.”

Back in the year 2017, the brand announced a ₦216 billion ($600 million) additional investment in its Spartanburg plant which was to cover from 2018 all through 2021 and targeted at manufacturing infrastructure specifically for the X models’ future generations. Just last month, this same plant actually made the 4.5 millionth BMW vehicle built in South Carolina, USA. Also, between the mid and end of this year, associates are going to mark the 25th year of BMW production in this same state.

Bobby Hitt, the Secretary of Commerce in South Carolina said;

“The remarkable partnership between BMW and South Carolina continues to thrive, and this is evident by the fact that our state remains the nation’s leader in the export sales of completed passenger vehicles,”

“I offer my congratulations to BMW and its Upstate workforce on another strong year. Together, we’re showing the world that South Carolina truly is ‘Just right.’”

Also, the CEO and president of South Carolina Ports Authority, Jim Newsome said;

“BMW is a significant port user whose operations are a tremendous asset to the Port and the state of South Carolina,”

“As customers of both Inland Port Greer and the Port of Charleston, BMW’s continued expansion has been a driver of our strong import and export volumes. We are proud to serve the nation’s leading automotive exporter and look forward to supporting their future growth.”

You may like this short video below that shows a 2019 BMW X5 production Assembly Line;


Over 1,400 vehicles are produced at the BMW Groups’ Spartanburg plant daily. In fact, this Spartanburg plant literally produced up to 356,749 cars in just 2018 alone. The factory is recorded as having over 11,000 employees and a 450,000 vehicles production capacity.

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