BMW introduces a new Inline-6 diesel engine with less emission and more power


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German auto giant, BMW launches a new cleaner Inline-6 diesel engine that unlocks more horsepower and cuts down on CO2 emissions in its latest models. Check it out!

It is probably safe to assume that BMW is pretty much enjoying a very big week so far between the launch of its new 6 Series and 5 Series which comes with an X2 xDrive25 PHEV. But the biggest innovation we have recently noticed is BMW’s new 3.0-Liter Inline-6 diesel engine that unlocks an extra 21hp (15kW) to achieve a total of 286hp over the previous version.


BMW rolls out new Inline-6 diesel engine that adds more horsepower but impressively lesser CO2 emission

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled a new gaze detection system that makes a car know what a driver is looking at. Fast forward to now, the automaker is out again with another innovation but this time it's hidden under the hood. The new innovation is a cleaner diesel engine that is even more powerful than the older “dirtier” version. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

According to fresh reports, the new BMW diesel engine does not only unlock more horsepower but it also adds more torque of about 22 pound-feet (30 Newton-meters) which makes it output a total of 479 lb-ft (650Nm) at 1,500rpm. This new diesel engine is able to achieve lesser CO2 emissions by making use of a mild-hybrid 48-volt system which the automaker says will be provided for 51 of its car models starting this year. The new engine adequately utilizes the benefits of the automaker’s recent developments in common rail direct injection and turbocharging to cut down emissions and to unlock extra “juice”.


The 2020 BMW 7 series luxury sedan also gets an option of the new and clean diesel engine

Also, more reports from reliable sources claim that this new diesel engine will be offered in the BMW 7 Series (or 730d) in both the long-wheelbase and standard guises alongside all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. It was also stated that all the X3 up to the X6 SUVs, which carry the xDrive30d badge, will also be provided with this new BMW cleaner diesel engine. Moving on to the BMW sedans, the reports also claim that this new diesel engine is so powerful that it cuts 0.2 seconds of the previous Zero to 62 mph acceleration time.

Yes, this has resulted in  5.6 seconds sprint time for the xDrive-equipped sedan version and 5.9 seconds in the Right-Wheel-drive standard-wheelbase models.

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