Watch out Tesla Model 3! The BMW i4 is about to take over!


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The Tesla Model 3 has been queen of the electric sedan car segment for a while, but the new kid on the block could be the BMW i4. You want more?

The big electric news right now is BMW’s in-the-works electric sedan that the Bavarian corporation is setting up to give the Tesla’s model 3 a good run for its electronic cash. BMW’s new E-sedan is called the i4 and share the same platform with the 3 and 4 series. The sedan is an All-Wheel drive that will come equipped with a couple of electric motors, and will hit 350 miles on a single charge.  


The BMW i4 is making a big play against Tesla Model 3. Can it rock the electric sedan boat?

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The i4 is a sports sedan that has all the benefits of BMW’s renowned automotive engineering stamp. The electric, four-door vehicle will begin life on the premium Cluster Architecture also known as CLAR, the same platform responsible for industry stallions such as BMW’s 3 and 4 series vehicles.  

The i4 fully electric car is a breath of fresh innovation for BMW, especially considering the automaker’s less than successful foray into electric auto engineering.  The twin results of that outing, the i3 and the i8, which is a PHEV or plug in, are carbon-fiber cars that are fully powered by battery. While the basic design for these vehicles were totally BMW standard, they never quite took off with buyers, who perhaps found the cars a bit too futuristic.


IsTesla Model 3 about to lose its favored electric sedan tag with the coming of the BMW i4? 

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Sneak peeks at the i4 show it will look like Gran Coupe 4-Series, perhaps patterned after the i-Vision Dynamics style of 2017 in concept. In addition the i4 will do 0-60 in about 4 seconds, and max out at 125mph. The model is expected to hit dealers in 2021 bearing the 2022 model designation.   Starting price will be in the area of $50,000 or ₦18m.

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