Super tech repair! BMW and MINI dealers are now acquiring smart glasses for speedy repairs


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No more slow repairs for autos as specially designed smart glasses have the process of high-tech repairs a less tedious process. Read on.

Admittedly, you might find yourself searching for info when in the middle of working on a car. This could be challenging especially when it means leaving what you are doing to get that required information. It appears like BMW is already working around such problem, and with the help of TSARAVision Smart Glasses; the problem seems to be coming to an abrupt end.

1. How BMW & MINI TSARAVision Smart Glasses work

Well, for now, the smart glasses would be used by BMW and MINI dealers in the US. This will give technicians the ability to hold a communication with BMW’s experts from North America, hereby showing them what they are working on or looking for via live video. Step-by-step instructions and schematics would be sent by experts from the automaker, to the glass in speeding up the repairs and also making it very easy to fix.


With this technology, repairs would be insanely fast on every BMW model through the aid of the smart glases

Thus, documents would be viewed via voice command by the technician while performing various tasks on the car.

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2. Technical Information System are also updated for service tech's feedback

Exciting news is the availability of the latest Technical Information System (TIS 2.0), which will be used apart from the smart glasses by the dealer. The multimedia platform stems from service techs’ feedbacks. Employees within the dealership would be given opportunity to access technical information by the system for every BMW and MINI models on all mobile devices. With the use of smart phone, employees can easily and quickly find what is required instead of leaving their task to get the info from a computer.

TSARA, which is a new case reporting system online, will be used by the dealers. According to BMW, the platform is user-friendly with a keen sense of intuitiveness. It will help process a maintenance and repair task at an incredible seventy to seventy five percent on the average.


BMW is coming up with remarkable high-tech repair platform to assist technicians working on cars

Obviously, the main purpose of these new technologies is to boost time efficiency on repair and maintenance by BMW. According to Neal Guthrie, the head of technical service at the BMW in North America:

  Vehicle technology is becoming more complex, which only highlights the need for excellent technicians.

This statement was further corroborated through his acknowledgement of the importance of providing best systems and tools, which is key to the company’s success.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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