BMW 7 Series Valkyrie 4×4 transformed beyond imagination


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This special BMW 7 Series might the most monstrous BMW you’ve ever seen.

The second-gen BMW 7 Series E32 was replete with striking luxury options for a mid-80’s vehicle, electronically adjustable rear seats, telephone and wine cooler for instances. It was also the first BMW to be equipped with traction control for handling and safety purposes that could not be seen in any off-roader at that time. Nonetheless, how time flies and some drivers now just want their ground clearance as high and strong as possible.

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 in ACTION

The transformation the E32 also gave it the moniker Valkyrie 766i and a raft of features such as custom wheel arches, self-locking differentials and camouflaged silhouette; even though it’s hard to imagine how the monster could ever sneak up on someone. So what can it do? Of course, its capability of tackling water, mud, grass, inclines and hills will please you immensely.

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 angular front

The BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 features camouflaged appearance

Under the bonnet, the BMW 7 Series 766i Valkyrie 4x4 runs a 5.0L V8 engine which is well capable of 300 horsepower. Another noteworthy feature of the Valkyrie is a wicked exhaust note.

Now, see more images of this monster from Russia.

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 angular front

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 front view

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 angular front

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 angular rear

BMW 766i Valkyrie 4×4 rear view

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