Blessing CEO should check for a used G-wagon & stop lying she bought a brand new one!


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Blessing CEO is in trouble following the resurrection of a ghost from her past. This time claims talk about a G-Wagon post that may be another false claim.

Following the recent saga of false house claims, arrest and accusations leveled against Instagram blogger and influencer 'Blessing CEO' a lot have seems to unfolding and it's getting quite interesting.

The Lady, whose real name is Okoro Blessing Nikruka has grown her self-made brand 'break-or-make-up' as a relationship expert and brand influencer, who until recently was trending on the net.


The girl was once arrested for false house claim

The recent shit-storm that followed Blessing CEO after her 30th birthday celebration, and ended in arrest and a shameful confession seems to be the lowest point the blogger could have sunk to. However, it appears Blessings can of worms is far from empty as a recent Instagram post has come to light, claiming that even other properties Blessing posted about in the past as belonging to her have sizable question marks.

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Blessing CEO-and-G-Wagon

Blessing CEO poses beside the controversial G-Wagon

In particular, a March 2019 post claiming a white Mercedes G-Wagon SUV was a gif to herself, is another of Blessing CEO’s bogus claims, as alleged by the Instagram poster. Blessing had made the post with the caption:

“Legit dey pay but the only thing be say legit dey take time. My name is okoro blessing nkiruka.”

It got interesting when the Instagram account who in her words “has been following the social influencer since 2006” clarified that the G-Wagon which Blessing CEO had posted before does not belong to her, but rather is the property of a Lebanese “sugar daddy” who parked at Blessing’s place for convenience.

The user added that when Blessing CEO is asked about her G-Wagon and why she doesn't ride it, the influencer would reply that the car is meant for really special occasions. As weird as this may sound, Blessing is yet to react to this latest disclose.

By the way, the Blessing G-Wagon we are talking about starts at a base price of ₦44.8 million. If Blessing can't afford, shall we suggest she visist to find an affordable used Mercedes G-wagon?


Whoever knows Blessing, please tell her to visit We have plenty of cheap used cars!

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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