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Being one of the richest and most famous artists in the continent, Black Coffee has his own story behind his jaw dropping net worht, cars, houses, and all other luxurious possessions. Are you ready to find out with

House music is one of the biggest genres in South Africa. When you go to the clubs, parties, and events, you'll hear the finest house music that will make you move your feet.

This kind of music has sneaked its way into Nigeria and has been imbibed into Afrobeats in some way.

One of the biggest ambassadors of house music is a world-famous DJ, Black Coffee. The tall and talented disc jockey has always been a toast of many in Africa and beyond.


Black Coffee has an inspiring life story to tell. Are you ready?

While playing in every kind of occasion you can think of. He has made so much impact in the entertainment scene and won awards including the BET Awards for the best international act.

This means a lot more money from shows and endorsements. He utilizes his money to acquire the best of automobiles and enjoy great vacations with his wife. We'll be talking about Black Coffee's net worth, car collections, and houses, but let's also give you some insight into his personal life.

Who is Black Coffee?

Born on March 11, 1976, Nkosinathi Maphumulo (Black Coffee's real name) is popularly known as DJ Black Coffee hails from the mega city of Durban in South Africa.

He had a horrible childhood as his father left his mother when he was just 12 years old, and he had to start fending for himself at some point. The Dj moved in with his mom in Capetown, at a suburb called Mthatha.

First step into the music industry


Life couldn't bring his will down

While there, he saw his uncle collecting a lot of reggae songs and this influenced him to delve into the world of music. He became actively involved in shows around his vicinity while horning his skills. He also started learning how to be a producer and focused a lot on it even in the late 80s and early 90s. He mastered electronic music all the while till a brief tragedy struck.

Side story about Black Coffee's left arm accident

In 1990, he joined a rally that was celebrating and fostering support for the late Nelson Mandela who was just released from prison. A taxi driver out of nowhere rammed into the crowd of supporters and there was a serious stampede.

Black Coffee dislocated his left arm at that event and this was a turning point for the artiste. Till date, he still has not been able to use that arm, that's why in most pictures you would see of him, his left arm is hidden or inside hi pocket.

After that accident, he drowned in music to manage the pain and even went on to study Jazz, and music in general at a School of technology in South Africa. He dropped out before graduation but he learned most of what he needed to know.


The man is now one of the richest artists in Africa

In 1995, he became popular in Capetown and Durban. About ten years later, he was accepted into the Red Bull music academy. This catapulted him into international celebrity status.

Since then he has released more than 4 albums including the platinum-selling "Pieces of me" which saw him winning awards from the BET, DJ Awards, and SAMA.

He has collaborated with international artistes like Drake and performed at Coachella - one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

The South African Artist has a foundation that trains less privileged and handicapped people interested in music production. He also runs a record label and lots of endorsement deals.

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Black Coffee's wife

Black Coffee is married to TV presenter Enhle Mbali. They have two kids and he has two other kids from a previous marriage.


DJ Black Coffee and his wife Enhle in his luxury Maserati

Black Coffee's net worth

Though life might have turned sour with the African Disc Joker, he refused to give up and kept on showing the world his worth via his inspirational music which spread through borders.

His international recognition has acted as a great source of fortune which helps him earn big endorsement deals and collaborations. With his name all over the places, Black Coffee rakes up 60 million USD to be one of the richest musicians in Africa.

Black Coffee's Cars and House

Black Coffee's Cars

Being one of the highest-paid entertainers in Africa, Black Coffee uses his wealth to acquire the best state of the art wheels as often as he can.

He doesn't waste time flaunting his car collection on his social media pages.

One of the finest cars you will find in the DJ's garage is his Bentley GT continental which is estimated to be worth over 50 million nairas.


The Bentley Continental is a symbol of luxury that many celebrities chase after

Aside from that, he also owns a Maserati with white interior and other customizations. The car is worth about 25 million naira.

The DJ is also a huge fan of Mercedes Benz cars as he owns some of the latest model Mercedes-Benz station Wagon and Mercedes-Benz CLK. Each of these Benz cars cost nothing less than 20 million nairas.


The house music DJ and his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon



Black Coffee son posing next to his Bentley GTC


The South African DJ hangs out a lot with his G-Wagon

List of Black Coffee's cars
N.O  Car Price
 1 Bentley GT Continental  ₦50 million
 2  a Maserati  ₦25 million
 3  Mercedes-Benz Station Wagon  >₦20 million
 4  Mercedes-Benz CLK  >₦20 million

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Black Coffee's house

It's also worthy to note that Black Coffee lives in one of the finest mansions in Los Angeles, USA, and back home in South Africa. The house in South Africa appears more flamboyant than the other in the US and is estimated to be worth about ₦200 million.


Black Coffee is stuffed with nothing but luxury

The property sits in a highbrow area and has many bedrooms furnished with exotic amenities to make anyone feel like they're on a vacation.

It's no surprise that he can afford all these as the DJ is believed to be worth well over $60 million which is equivalent to ₦23 billion. He is one of the richest DJs in the continent, no doubt.

That said, you now know much about DJ Black Coffee's net worth, car collection, and houses and we promise to keep you updated on the famous DJ!

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