49 most bizarre traffic laws from all over the world


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What is the worst traffic law you have ever heard a nation have? Check out this our collection of 49 weird traffic laws from all over the world. See them here!

Are you one of those that think Nigeria has funny traffic laws?

How about Naijauto.com crack you up with this interesting post on some hilarious and weird traffic laws from all over the world. You will sound of them just outrightly ridiculous while others will make sense and you might even wish we adopted them here in Nigeria. See them below!

1. You can be fined in Romania and Russia if you drive a very dirty car on the streets.


Riding a dirty car on the streets in Romania or Russia will get you fined

2. In the nation of Denmark, you are bounded by law to always check underneath your vehicle thoroughly before attempting to drive off. The purpose of this law is to ensure that there isn’t anyone hiding beneath your vehicle – especially children.

3. It is illegal to drink or eat anything whatsoever while driving in Cyprus.

4. You are not allowed to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland.

5. You must stop or slow down for any passing groups of animals in South Africa else you will be fined.

6. Every car must have windshield wipers even if the car doesn’t have a windshield itself in Luxembourg.

7. Even if you are out of fuel, it still remains totally illegal to break down or stop for any reason whatsoever on the federal controlled highway or “Autobahn” in Germany.

8. It is illegal for anyone to let his/her pest molest a car in Ohio.

9. Driving blindfolded is illegal in Alabama. But funny enough, it is actually accept that as long as you have some sort of lantern attached to your car’s front, you can drive in the opposite direction down a one-way street road.

10. Splashing water or mud on a passerby or pedestrian is completely against the law in Japan.


If you splash water or mud on a pedestrian in Japan, you are looking for trouble

11. You are allowed to spit from a moving truck in Mariette, Georgia, United States. But it is illegal in these same areas to spit from a moving car (sedans, Coupe, SUV, Van etc.

12. Except when a car is literally on fire, it is illegal for anyone to change his/ her clothes inside a car with a set of drawn curtains in Evanston, Illinois, United States.

13. You are not allowed to be reading a comic book while driving in Oklahoma, United States.

14. There exist a traffic law in Michigan, USA, that prohibits anyone sitting right in the middle of any road reading a newspaper.

15. It is illegal for anyone to drive around a black painted car on a Sunday in Denver, Colorado, United States.

16. An unescorted sheep cannot be kept in a truck in Montana, United States.

17. It is unlawful for anyone to drive across the state lines with a duck on his/her head in Minnesota, United States.


This lady will probably be fined if driving across states in Minnesota

18. In this same Minnesota, the United States, driving with a Gorilla seated at the front seat is unlawful.

19. Driving with a gorilla in a car’s backseat is an illegal thing to do in Massachusetts, United States.

20. if anyone ever tied an elephant to a parking meter in Florida, United States, he/she must deposit money into the parking meter.

21. if your vehicle’s plate number ends in a 2 or 1, you can’t drive on a Monday in Manila, Philippines.

22. Tying a dog to the roof of a vehicle is illegal in Alaska, United States.

23. Jumping from a car that is moving at 65 mph or above is illegal in California, United States.

24. Staying at 50ft close to pedestrians even at zebra crossings is unlawful for any motorist in Singapore.

25. Exceeding a speed limit of 60mph is unlawful for a car without a driver in California.

26. Used panties or any other underwear are illegal for drying or wiping a car in San Francisco.

27. If you are caught using a mobile phone while driving, or violating traffic light rules or route violations in Nigeria, you can be subjected by law to a compulsory psychiatric test.

28. Using the road as a bed is against the law in California.


Another lady would be fined for lying on the road in California, USA

29. In Tennessee and California, you can legally shoot at any animal right from your car unless the animal is a whale though.

30. The police have the right to unscrew as well as take away the number/license plate of a car parked illegally in Greece.

31. By standard requirement, all vehicles must have a hook for them to be easily towed in Serbia. Even drivers as well should have a cord that is at a minimum of 3m in length.

32. There is a law that is specifically very strict in Beijing, China which says that it is illegal for a motorist to stop for pedestrians.

33. You are not allowed to travel topless in Thailand. And this law applies to both women and men regardless of whether you are driving a tricycle, a car or a bike.

34. Drivers can get a fine in France if they break the law which poses that motorists are legally allowed to carry with them their own/personal breath analyzer.

35. To drive with your pets in Italy, they need a seat belt.

36. Driving around the town square of over 100 times consecutively is not allowed in Ohio.

37. To avoid the risk of drivers not being able to clearly see on significantly sunny days in Spain, each driver is expected by law to have a pair of shades/sunglasses with them in their car at all times.


Make sure your pet has a seat belt while in car in Italy

38. Skateboarding on the streets of Florida, the United States without a license is illegal.

39. Driving with a dog that is attached by its teeth to a vehicle’s roof is illegal in Alaska, United States.

40. Driving on the sidewalk is legal in Oregon, United States but refusing to yell any type of clear warning at pedestrian first before doing so is considered illegal.

41. In the Czech Republic and Croatia, you are expected to keep extra sets of the tail light and headlight bulbs in your vehicle for replacement in the case of any one of the old ones getting burnt on the road.

42. After 9 pm, it is illegal in Arkansas, the United States to bare a vehicle’s horn right in front of any restaurant.

43. Except two police officers accompany a woman or women, it is illegal in Kentucky, the United States for them to drive in a bikini all by themselves.

44. Your car's actually considered your own personal space in Germany, therefore, you are legally allowed to drive naked but anyone doing so must have his/her shoes on.


Painting your car "Army Green" is illegal in Nigeria

45. if you ever park your vehicle close to a Volcano in Iceland, your car insurance doesn’t cover for any resulting damage at all.

46, You are not allowed to drink any type of liquid, not even water while driving in Cyprus

47. You are allowed to enjoy your beer whiles driving on the street in Costa Rica but you getting too intoxicated or drunk is the illegal part.

48. For the entire 24 hours and even at mid-day in Scandinavia, every driver is expected to have their vehicle’s headlights on.

49. In our dear country Nigeria, you are not allowed to paint any of your vehicle with the “Army Green” coloured paint.

This was backed up an “Army Colour (Prohibition of Use) Act” in the Nigerian judicial laws which provides the basis that it is totally against the law for any private vehicle to be painted or appear in the shade of green colour that is generally known as “Army green” in the country.

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