See the bizarre bubbles that appeared on a driver's front tire


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Have you ever seen such bizarre bubbles on a tire before? You'll definitely get goosebumps with this!

Some England traffic officers have been left dumbfounded after they sighted a car whose front tire was covered in unusual bubbles. And the owner of the car was taking his children to school.


Derbyshire traffic police showing 13 bubbles of different sizes on the sidewall of the tyre

The traffic police flagged down the driver after he had dropped his children off at school and then carried the car to an auto repair shop.


The unusual bubbles spotted on the tyre's sidewall

The photos shared on Twitter by the Derbyshire police showed 13 bubbles of different sizes on the sidewall of the tyre. While sharing the images, the police warned motorists of the likely danger and at the same time, reminded them of the need to inspect their cars to ensure its roadworthiness. And this is what Naijauto keeps telling Nigerian motorists.

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The tweet received a lot of responses with many users baffled that the driver had driven his children in the car.

One user said,

How the hell has anybody got into a car and driven it with those tyres

While another commented,

Who gets to their car (on the school run!) looks a that tyre and thinks 'nah it's fine'. The bloody school run!!

And one person wrote,

I believe I speak for all car people when I ask "What the hell happened there?

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Our auto experts stated that bulges can show up on a tyre when the inner materials of the sidewall wear out. So, it's necessary to check the tyre's inner and outer sidewalls regularly.

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