The reason why birds poop more on red cars finally unveiled!


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When maintaining your car, you might wonder a few things that make it dirty, and one is dung! here is an article on why birds poop more on red cars

According to a survey carried out on over a thousand cars in America, it showed that birds pooped on 140 red cars. The other colours had less bird poop. Since then, people have always wondered why red cars attract bird droppings that much.

Normally, the red colour is used as a danger sign or for giving warnings. That alone should actually deter the birds from coming close but it seems like the opposite.

The same survey showed that the next car with almost same poop as red was blue. A hundred blue cars got bird poop and other dull colours like grey, black, silver had way less poop. Scientists believe this is because birds are attracted to flowers, and flowers are usually bright coloured - mostly red or blue. Perhaps, when the birds approach the car and realise they can't take nectar from it or create a nest, they poop as a way of saying "this place isn't habitable". Let's not dwell so much on assumptions.

Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of why birds poop more on red cars and how you can remove the droppings, according to Naijauto experts!

1. Reasons why birds poop more on red cars

1.1. Birds are attracted to red flowers and fruits

Generally, birds are used to eating or taking nectar from plants with colourful red flowers or pink fruits. Once they see a red car, they assume it's a source of food and get attracted to it. On arrival, they might even try to peck on the vehicle to know if they can savour anything. If they can't, they'll likely fly off. But remember that dropping some poop makes them feel lighter, hereby making flight a lot less stressful. Since they have been attracted and aren't benefiting from the car, they released droppings on the vehicle and then fly away.


Not sure whether birds "love" or "hate" red cars

1.2. Male birds attract females with bright colours

There's the coital dance male birds display to attract a female. While at it, there's need to get your match with the help of bright colours. Red is one of such colours. So, being on a red car has the full colour in its glory. However, some of these birds eventually get to mate on your car. But in cases where they don't... poop!

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1.3. Birds are generally attracted to well polished cars

Some car owners said they noticed that shiny polished colours were reflective. These birds get excited at a reflection of themselves. This makes them hop on the vehicle. At this point, nobody knows if they are trying to reach out to the bird they see, or just figuring out the magic behind the reflection. That's why sometimes you find birds hopping on your red vehicle and looking down at it. It's the reflection. After a while when they realize that it's all a wild goose chase, they get tired and fly off - but before flying off, they ease the stress by pooping.

Furthermore, these reflections aren't peculiar to red cars alone. From the survey stated above, the next colour that has more bird poop is blue.

A Mercedes car expert said he found a lot of poop on his car one morning, and is of the notion that the colour reminded these birds of water. Water gives you a reflection of yourself. The birds seeing the fine polished blue car mirroring them makes them hyperactive. The result of all this is the need to ease the weight and fly off. Hence, they poop on the vehicle. All that said, what do you do when a bird poops on your car?

2. How to remove bird poop from your car

Bird poop on your car is an eyesore and can make the value of your car drop. A percentage of people get disgusted by the poop on their car and wait till they get to the car wash to take it off. According to a car wash specialist, it's wise to always get this dirts off as quickly as possible.


Use a damp cloth to remove bird poops on your car

"This research does have a serious side because the problem annoys drivers, causes damaged paintwork and affects the value of vehicles. To protect your bodywork from damage, droppings should be carefully cleaned off as soon as possible", said David Howells, an expert at Halfords. He also suggested a few steps for removing bird poop:

  • Get a damp cloth and subtly remove the poop deposited on your car immediately you notice it. Do not scrub hard so it doesn't damage the car paint.
  • You can splash a little water on the area and leave for some minutes, if the poop is dry. Then use same damp cloth to remove the droppings.
  • Wash your hands immediately after so you don't contract any diseases.

With these few points you won't have any need to consider repainting your car to avoid poop. Our own advice from Naijauto is that you should park your vehicle away from bird habitats and get a car cover if you'll be leaving the vehicle parked for long.

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