Billionaire Prince Arthur Eze buys ₦165m 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom


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The newest Roll Royce Phantom 2019 could be a dream of a lifetime for us, but it's just a fling for those ridiculously loaded people.

20 years ago, to many of us, owning a car itself is a privilege, if not a dream comes true. Most of us are still busy living and working day by day, trying to make ends meet. The thought of buying a car never really crossed our mind.

Now, Nigeria has changed a lot, the living standard, as well as the poverty line, have been subsequently improved. We no longer need to go to bed worrying about the next meals. Still, a car is something that's at the bottom of our list, should there be one in there. We still have bikes, motorbikes and all other kinds of public transportation. The births of many car-sharing platforms also greatly disincentivize buying a car.


Many of us only wish for any random car, let alone a state-of-the-art vehicle like this

That's not equal to saying no one wants to buy a car anymore, some still do, but only to have something that can cover their heads against the scorching sun of the summer or occasional showers in the last months.

And that's us, commoners, how about the wealthy and the super rich? If I dare guess, they are probably worrying about which color is appropriate for their new jets, and in some cases what is the best sounding name for an island they just purchased. With that said, you'd probably know the thought of lavishing money on a car never would never bother them one bit. 


The 2019 version with the V12 engine and 2 suicide-style doors

But still, when they need to, it should be at the top of the line. The man we are talking about today is one of the richest men in Africa, the CEO of Oranto Petroleum, Prince Arthur Eze. He just put the money down for the brand new black 2019 Rolls-Royce. With the collections of 5 Roll-Royces, you can see that the 6th one is just for the collecting purpose. He would probably grow bored of it in the near future. 

But that's their way of living, we're still thrilled to know about the details of this beauty. Equipped with twin-turbo V12 engine a glow-in-the-dark roof and a suicide door type. About the price, though money is no object to these people, we think some of you might be interested. You can get one of these with 160 million Nairas or the full version with just under 220 million. 

See more of this special Roll-Royce Phantom in this video!

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