World's second richest man Bill Gates acquires ₦234b hydrogen-powered superyacht


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The world's second-richest man alive, Bill Gates, has joined the league of super expensive yacht owners with his ₦234b hydrogen-powered superyacht.

According to a new report, the second richest man on the planet, Bill Gates, has just bought a very expensive superyacht, powered by liquid hydrogen. This futuristic and eco-friendly aqua luxury will make use of liquid hydrogen as fuel and also boasts of just water as emission right back into the ocean, hence having eco-friendly credit.


Bill Gates' latest acquisition is the most eco-friendly luxury yacht on the planet

In spite of his overflowing bank account, this superyacht is the very first one the billionaire would splash cash on although he is used to taking trips on a rented superyacht to the Mediterranean.


Bill's megayacht is a futuristic eco-friendly yacht powered by liquid hydrogen and releases water into the ocean as emission

According to Forbes, the software developer, business tycoon, philanthropist, and investor has a net worth of $108.8 billion. This is more than enough to buy anything he wishes on the planet.


The yacht dubbed as Aqua features exquisite relaxation places for the owner and guests onboard

The superyacht dubbed "Aqua" cost Bill Gates a whopping sum of $645 billion (₦234 billion). Insights and plans of this exotic yacht were revealed in 2019 at the Monaco Yacht Show. The 370 feet-long luxury liner offers breathtaking features such as 14 guest-space, 31 crew- members, beauty room, gym, yoga studio, cascading pool on its rear deck and massaging parlour.

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There is provision for a gym on the ship to ensure Bill Gates and invited guests are keeping fit while cruising the ocean

The most interesting part of this Bill Gates’ stunning superyacht is the couple of 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks that serve as its powering plant. Both are cooled to -253C (-423F) and filled with liquid hydrogen in powering the eco-friendly superyacht.


The bedroom and other places in the hydrogen-powered superyacht are designed to ultimate taste

Electricity is derived as a result of the conversion process of pumping the hydrogen fuel via a fuel cell. The superyacht safely sends out only water back to the ocean. A refuel is only necessary when the megayacht has traveled 3,750 miles and cruising at 17 knots. When the tank of the Aqua is filled up, it is capable of covering an Atlantic crossing from New York in the United States to Southampton in the United Kingdom.


The luxury superyacht is capable of accommodating 14 guests and 31 crew members comfortably 

Designer Sander Sinot, while commenting on this eco-friendly yacht, which according to reports, was just a vision concept before it was brought to life by billionaire Bill Gates.

He said:

“With every project, I challenge my team and myself to surpass ourselves. For development of AQUA we took inspiration from the lifestyle of a discerning, forward-looking owner, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology to combine this in a superyacht with truly innovative features.”

With this latest acquisition, Bill Gates is now properly inducted into the association of billionaire owners of super-expensive yacht, including the likes of Jeff Bezos, Nigerian Aliko Dangote and the owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich.

Video: Bill Gates orders $645M hydrogen-powered superyacht

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