Biker brushes death in careless overtaking (watch video)


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Careless overtaking kills! This bike rider almost lost his life because he didn't calculate his moves. See how he got knocked off the road!

They say life is all about risks, but a little caution is advised when taking such risks. A bike rider, along with a passenger, went too far in what can be described as deadly overtaking. But for the fact that luck was on their side, they would have lost their lives.

As captured in the video posted, the rider made to overtake a crossover, but did not calculate his movement properly.


This biker aiming to overtake the truck

Some of the rules of overtaking include ascertaining that the road is clear, and horning, so the vehicles in front of you are aware that you are overtaking them. The bike rider’s timing was not well calculated, neither did he look out for oncoming vehicles.


Then he got hit by a car in opposite direction

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The white line seen on the road demarcates lanes for vehicles moving in opposite directions. The rider went out of his own lane, onto the lane of other vehicles moving in the opposite direction, putting himself in harm’s way. One of the vehicles – a Suzuki Grand Vitara hit him in the process.


Both biker and passenger fell to the road but luckily got no serious injury


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His saving grace was that the accident was not a head-on collision. Head-on collisions are more forceful compared to other collisions, causing serious damage. A motorcycle going against a car in a head-on collision is not a fair lineup as the car is obviously bigger and stronger.

A little patience on the rider’s part could have made his overtaking successful. We hope you have learned a thing or two from his act.

Watch the video below!

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