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When someones talks about big cars, what comes to mind is an SUV! But let us shock you with the biggest cars in the world

Have you ever wondered how gigantic the biggest cars in the world are? Many of them come from America and the Arab world, with Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan owning quite a number. Due to the fact that many people want to show the difference in class between them and other road users, different types of cars are built to make this possible. However, some of the biggest cars in the world were specifically built for certain people so you can't find them anywhere else. Here are 10 of them to wow you.

1. BEDOUIN CARAVAN - 12 x 20 meters, contains a car garage and 8 bed room

In 1993, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan commissioned the Bedouin caravan, a two wheel trailer that broke the Guinness book of world records in the same year. The Arabian king also popularly known as the Rainbow sheikh used to be colonel in the United Arab Emirates army and has a thing for machines and weird inventions. Journalists at the time reported that the Rainbow sheikh wanted a trailer that can be used to convey oil rigs and large equipment from one place to another. He also wanted the vehicle to have really large wheels. He contracted his best automotive engineers and the Bedouin caravan was made in few months. The two wheel trailer has a width and height of 12 meters, and a length of 20 meters. It also has a garage where the sheikh parks some of his cars and 8 bedrooms.


The Bedouin caravan owned by The Rainbow sheikh

2. DODGE POWER WAGON - the hugest truck can tow 3 sedans at a time

The first Dodge Power Wagon was built for military purposes in 1945. The following year, it was let to go into sale and has been in production ever since. The wagon is like a huge truck with a cargo box of about 8 feet. Although it doesn't quite look the same as it was when first made, but the gigantic size is still what makes it standout. In the mid 70s, it was made to be a 4-wheel drive. The truck can tow weight of about 5,000 kilograms without any issues - that's like 3 Toyota Camry cars. The car comes with a V8 engine. Guess who owns the biggest Dodge power wagon? Of course you guessed right - the Rainbow sheikh. Dodge Power Wagon is one of the biggest cars in the world.


The Dodge Power Wagon can tow 3 sedans at a time

3. MARAUDER - the 10 ton armoured vehicle

The Marauder is made by a South African company and is sold to different military services of the world and wealthy people who can afford it. In fact the main target market are people from the Middle East. The car allows armies fit their weapons onto it with ease. It has a 75 miles per hour speed and just about 300 units have been made since it came into being in 2008. The car can carry about a dozen people at once and is worth over 210 million naira.


The Marauder is quite destructive

This is Marauder

4. CATERPILLAR 797B - weighs over 550,000 kilograms, can carry over 350 tons

In mid 2002, the Caterpillar 797b went into production. The vehicle is meant to be used for mining activity and also carrying heavy equipment in construction sites. Since production, there have been a number of improvements on the vehicle. The Caterpillar can put out as much as 3,500 horsepower and go 3 times faster than the Buggati Veyron. But since it weighs over 550,000 kilograms and can carry weight of over 350 tons, nobody really worries about the speed. The vehicle can go up-to 40 miles per hour, holds as much as 5,000 liters of gas and has a 7-speed manual transmission. The list of the biggest cars in the world can't be completed without CATERPILLAR 797.


Caterpillar 797b is the fastest biggest car

5.  THE RAINBOW SHEIKH'S WILLY JEEP - 5 times bigger than a regular SUV

The former UAE army colonel wanted to add another massive automobile to his fleet of nearly 500 exotic luxury vehicles and had the jeep built for him. The jeep is about 5 times bigger than a regular SUV. It is more twenty feet tall and quite wide. By the way, it's worthy to note that the moniker, Rainbow sheikh, came about when Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan bought 7 brand new Mercedes Benz 500 and they were all painted rainbow colours differently.


The Rainbow sheikh has a funny truck known as the willys jeep

6. THE WOTHAHELLIZAT - the mobile house

If you watch those movies where people live in trailers, then you'll like the Wothahellizat. It was first made in 2006 and literally has the basic amenities you'll find in your house. It's worth about 120 million naira and can he considered a mobile house. It comes with a 3300 watt solar inverter, a garage for parking a bike, store room for food that can cover you for a hundred days and much more. With such storage capacity, the WOTHAHELLIZAT is no doubt one of the biggest cars in the world.


The wothahellizat is like a mobile duplex

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7. NASA CRAWLER - the 2,700 ton autonomous vehicle

Worth over 5 billion naira, the NASA crawler is one of the biggest cars in the world. Though it was mainly made to convey the Skylab, Saturn V, Saturn ib and Apollo rockets. Once you hear NASA, you know it's some out of the world machine, literally. It's an autonomous vehicle and is the largest of its kind ever made. It has two 750 kilowatts generators, puts out over 2700 horsepower (about twice of the fastest sports car in the world) and weighs more than 2700 tons.


The NASA crawler is the biggest autonomous vehicle ever

8. BURLAK - the 7 meter amphibious truck

The Russians wanted to build a truck that can literally go anywhere including the north pole, and the Burlak was invented. The 7 meter truck once took ten Russian researchers to the north pole without stress. It can go on land and water and comes with home amenities to make occupants comfortable.


The burlak is a Russian made utility car with many functions


If you have 18 million naira to spare, you can actually purchase the Sherp ATV. Many car review sites consider it the most user friendly big truck amongst all. It goes both in water and land at 3.7 miles per hour and 27.9 miles per hour respectively. The truck cab run on sand, show, water and ice. When there's an obstacle in front, the tyres inflate and the vehicle goes over it. Sherp ATV is also among the world's biggest cars.


The Sherp ATV is quite affordable and can run on any surface


Last but not the least of the biggest cars in the world is the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6. The vehicle puts out a 536 horsepower from its 5.5 liter V8 engine. The car was first launched in 2007 and was made for public purchase between 2013 - 2015. Funny enough, it sold less than a hundred units within that period. But if you don't mind a huge car that can go from 0 - 60 miles per hour on less than 8 seconds, then the car is ideal.


Trust Mercedes benz to come through with a 6x6 AMG truck

So you have gone through the 10 biggest cars in the world. We hope you enjoy it. For more auto fun and mind blowing facts, don't forget to come back to Naijauto news!

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