Beware: fake LASTMA Officials now on Lagos roads!


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Some individuals have taken to impersonating the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) officials to extort money from unsuspecting motorists in Lagos.

Lagos is becoming notorious for impersonating officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) as reports reaching Naijauto indicates.

 Due to the high population of motorists within the state and the magnitude of traffic within its metropolis, it is no wonder that the traffic agency is unable to man some areas within the state. This might have caused the upsurge of fake LASTMA officials in these areas.

The fake LASTMA officials are said to be dressed in the official uniforms of the agency, leaving no doubt in the minds of motorists that they are indeed executives of traffic laws in Lagos.

They have been reported to extort huge sums of money from motorists and car owners claiming that they (the motorists) have committed one traffic offense or the other. These sums range from N25,000 to N50,000 while delaying the driver if he or she fails to pay.

Naijauto has found out that their operations seem to be concentrated in the suburbs of Lagos including areas like Iyana-Aran, Ishashi bus stop, Iyana-Ipaja, Volks, and other suburbs within Lagos.


These fake LASTMA officials are dressed in the uniform of the traffic management agency!

One of the victims of these scavenging impostors, Mr. Ejiro Lawson, recounted his ordeal in the hands of the fake LASTMA officers. During his commute on the Iyana-Iba axis, he said he was stopped by these criminals who said he had contravened a traffic law and was asked to pay N50,000 while his vehicle was held up.

“They stopped me near Iyana-Iba filling station and accused me of committing a traffic offence which I knew nothing about. They detained my bus for hours until I gave them N50,00," he bitterly narrated.

However, on further inquiry at the LASTMA Oshodi office, it was found that Ejiro had paid money to fake LASTMA officers and that the agency was aware of these criminal activities going on.

One Mr. Kayode who is an official of the traffic agency said that the body has been notified severally of the ongoing activities of these fake LASTMA officials who extort money from innocent motorists. He, however, gave a guarantee that the agency was taking steps to put a stop to this.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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