Reasons why now is the best time to buy your first car!


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Are you yet to buy your first car? The end of the year is the perfect time. You get irresistible deals and several other benefits. Check them out now!

It feels like January was just yesterday. Surprisingly, we are heading toward the last days of the year. Indeed, how time flies. It is that time of the year when the roads get busier than ever. Areas with little or no traffic suddenly become congested with cars as everyone is on the move to somewhere.


Buying your first car at this time is a sensible choice!

If your car is not among those on the road, this is the best time for you to acquire one. End-of-the-year activities are hectic, but they are easier if you went about them in your own car, instead of jumping buses. Read along as Naijauto gives you reasons why buying your first car now is a great idea.

1. End-of-the-year Quotas

Car dealers often have both end-of-the-month and end-of-the-year quotas to meet. Why? These targets motivate them to make sales. Rather than seating back, and waiting on sales to happen, they device marketing strategies to make them happen.

The end of the year is car dealers’ last chance to balance their sales records. If for any reason they were unable to meet up in the past months, they work extra hard to make up for it as the curtains fall. To achieve this, they come up with several enticing sales offers that are favorable to buyers.

2. Sales promotions

Some of the biggest sales promotions are done at the end of the year. The likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are opportunities for buyers to get the best deals in town. Product prices are slashed to numbers that would ordinarily be impossible during these periods.

Cars are not exempted from sales promotions. Dealers cease the opportunity to sell off cars that have been in their showroom for long. It is the perfect excuse as everyone understands that it is in the spirit of the occasion. You get to save a few bucks for other things you need to have a memorable holiday.

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3. Step up your social status

Christmas and New Year are some of the biggest festivities in Nigeria. People travel from far and wide to spend the holiday with their family, friends and loved ones. It is a reunion of some sort for people who have not seen each other in years.

Regardless of what the situation might have been, no one wants to show up at a reunion looking like the worst among the lot. You need to be in your element. The people you will be meeting probably have their own cars. If you do not have yours, you might feel left out.


You can now show up in style!

Do you plan to travel to your village for the holiday? You know the reception people who arrive in fancy cars get and the non-existent reception those who arrive in nothing get. Being among the not-haves is not pleasant.  Villagers have a liking for those who have car keys in their hands. They flock around them in the belief that they are doing well for themselves.

4. Convenient movement

It is an open secret that Nigerians love to party. End of the year festivities are the perfect excuse to have the most exciting parties. The part train moves from one place to another. Not being mobile this period is a kill joy. While others move around easily in their cars, you will be thinking about how you will move from point A to point B. On some days, you may not find buses to your destination as commercial bus drivers will be busy having fun with their friends and family.

If you are not careful, you may be forced to go back home after stepping out of your house because you could not find a bus to your destination.

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5. Giveaway sales

People often need money for holiday expenses, and may want to sell their cars. Due to the urgency, they may be willing to sell at giveaway prices. Such situations are common at the end of the year. While some need the money for serious issues, others just want to have lots of fun. Whatever the case may be, this is an opportunity for both the seller and the buyer to have a mutually beneficial transaction. You pay the seller the money they need to take care of their needs, while they meet your own need by selling their car to you at a low price.

6. Start off the new year in style

The New Year is a fresh start. Little wonder people make New Year resolutions. By buying a car at the end of the year, you literally drive into the new year in style.  You will no longer have to suffer mobility problems. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life as you kiss the trekkers club goodbye. With such a good start, you will be motivated to work harder, making money moves like never before.

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