Bored of cars & SUVs? What about these top 5 best-selling trucks in 2019?


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Pickup trucks usually occupy the top seat when it comes to sales, they haven't disappointed this time. Find out the range of 5 best-selling trucks in the first quarter of 2019 here!

Trucks are perfect for tough jobs but we won’t overlook the fact that most people still look out for some more sophisticated features. This article covers the top 5 best-selling trucks in 2019 (so far). The numbers are bound to change as the year goes by, but don't worry, Naijauto will update right then in our News section!

5. GMC Sierra (40,542 units sold)

Currently, the Sierra lineup is undergoing some changes in re-design: the light-duty 1500 and the heavy-duty models have been recently overhauled. So far, the Sierra sales are down by 2.2% this year, but it is still doing better than some other trucks in its class.

The price of new GMC Sierra in Nigeria ranges from N9 million to N13 million.


The Sierra sales are down by 2.2% this year

4. Toyota Tacoma (58,183 units sold)

The highest competitors of the Toyota Tacoma are the Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator – these trucks are putting in a good fight. Despite the competition with this mid-size pickup truck, the Tacoma is still a king after all, with current sales up hiking 8.2% in 2019 so far.

The suggested retail price for a Tacoma 2019 starts from N10 million.


The Toyota Tacoma has witnessed increased sales by 8.2% in 2019.

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3. Chevrolet Silverado (114,313 units sold)

2018 was by far a better year for the Silverado, it has long occupied the number-two spot in the U.S. sales rankings. At the moment, the Chevrolet light and heavy-duty pickups aren’t gaining the same grounds as they used to, its sales dropped by 15.7%. The heavy duty RAM pickup has finally found a way to surpass the Silverado.

The base model of a Chevrolet Silverado 2019 will cost you at least N10.2 million.


Compared to 2018, the sales have dropped by 15.7%

2. Ram Pickup (120,025 units sold)

The new Ram 1500 pickup is obviously one of the most loved among a bunch of other stunning pickups. In addition, the entire Ram pickup range, which also includes heavy-duty trucks, increased by a classic 15.0% up till March. The numbers keep rising.

A brand new Ram Pickup costs around N10 million for the base model.


Sales of the new RAM has increased by a classic 15.0% up till March

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1. Ford F-Series (214,611 units sold)

These numbers are very much intriguing, despite the fierce competition coming from the Chevrolet, RAM, and GMC. Ford has always been at the top of the sales chain, but considering the fact that all the aforementioned automakers have redesigned both their light and heavy-duty pickups and Ford changed nothing really significant, this figure is quite shocking. Compared to last year, the difference in sales is just a meager 0.2% higher.

Similar to the Silverado of Chevy, a Ford F-Series base model costs about 10.2 million naira.


With 214,611 units sold, and still counting, Ford is definitely the best in its class.

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde
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