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If you have been wishing to know about the best-selling Toyota cars by continent, you are at the right place!

Nigeria is not the only country where the Japanese auto brand, Toyota is taking the crown. The automaker is simply blessed with many successful models. That makes it almost impossible to enter any corner of the world without seeing at least one Toyota car. To this day, the Toyota Corolla model alone has remained the best-selling car in history with over 44.1million units sold worldwide on a journey of more than 50-years since its first launch.


Toyota has remained one of the best-selling car brands across different continents of the world to date

The Best-selling Toyota cars by Continent in the year 2019

You would never understand just how popular Toyota cars are until you realize that most of the best-selling Toyota cars by continent are also the overall best-selling cars in those regions.

Below is a brief overview of each continent in the world where Toyota remains one of their best-selling cars:

Best selling car in Europe: Toyota Yaris

The European love the compact sense and for that reason, the Toyota Yaris made its way to the top of the best selling cars in the continent, and later in this post you will realize how distinguished it is compared to other regions of the world where bigger body types are preferred.

By March 2020, the Toyota Yaris that was introduced in 1999 has been sold 8.71m units while in Europe alone last year, there are 211.216 units have arrived at the homes of its new owners.


The European taste is just different from the rest of the world. Best selling car: Toyota Yaris

Best selling car in America: Toyota RAV4

As of the last ranking done after the 2019 sales year, the Toyota RAV4 compact SUV emerged as the best-selling SUV in the entire U.S with a total of 448,071 units sold. According to reports by reputable auto websites in the U.S, this record is a huge 4.9% jump when compared to the data from 2018 used for the previous rankings.

Reports also point out that in the Latin countries, the Toyota Hilux hit the 80,000 mark before the year ended, sealing with a total of 84.71 thousand units sold. On another hand, Canada fell in love with what the Toyota Rav4 has to offer with 6,348 units sold.

To add another fun fact that might surprise you, this same Toyota RAV4 is currently ranked as the 3rd best-selling car in history based on its 22 years history of massive sales across the globe to this day. And in case you don’t know, the Toyota RAV4 is actually the first compact SUV ever made in the world.


The compact Toyota RAV4 SUV is currently rated as the best-selling SUV in America

Best selling car in Australia: Toyota Hilux

Just like we could see from the U.S data, it's also a similar case in Australia. As a matter of fact, based on the sales record of February 2020 - the Toyota Hilux is currently the best-selling car in Australia. Yes, that makes two continents now in which the same Toyota model is currently leading all other competitors. It’s quite surprising that despite the Coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging continents like Europe, America, and Australia, Toyota somehow manages to still keep its head high above competitors.


Despite the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Toyota Hilux is currently the best and top-selling car in Australia

Best selling car in Asia: Toyota Hilux

Believe it or not, the Toyota Hilux is currently the best-selling car in Asia despite its “giant” close competition from the likes of the Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi Xpander. What’s even more interesting is the fact that one of the leading car listing sites in Vietnam, Oto.com.vn says that the Hilux truck is currently not among the top 6 most sought-after Toyota cars in Vietnam. So, the Toyota Hilux is currently not the top-selling car in one of Asia’s most populated country but still ranks as the number one in the continent.

On browsing through the top listings of cars for sale on https://oto.com.vn we found that the information provided by the company is indeed true. However, we particularly fell in love with the listings of Toyota Camry 2020 for sale.


The Toyota Hilux truck is currently the best-selling car in Asia despite not ranking among the top 6 most demanded cars in Vietnam

Best selling car in Africa: Toyota Hilux

And coming home to our dear continent, the Toyota Hilux is also the best-selling car in Africa as of 2019 rankings which still holds till now. And to crown it all, the Japanese brand is not only sitting at the top alone but also ranking in the 9th and 10th positions on the list of top-selling cars in Africa. According to the 2019 ranking, the Toyota Corolla takes the 9th position while the Toyota Frontier is sitting at the 10th position on the list of top 10 best-selling cars in Africa.

We can rightly say that the Japanese automaker has been able to achieve these great feats because of the affordability and practicality of their vehicles as well as their durability over many years. By staying true to these qualities, Toyota has been able to win for itself many customers across the globe that have remained loyal to the brand even after many years.


As of today, the Toyota Hilux still remains the best-selling car in Africa

You can also check out this short video below that briefly runs through the top best-selling cars in the world between 2010 and 2019:

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars In The World (2010 - 2019)


This brief overview has covered all there is to know for now on the best-selling Toyota cars by continent. So, if you are looking to buy a new Toyota car, simply head now to our huge listing of Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria and we are sure you will definitely get a good deal.

Best-selling Toyota cars by Continent
 Continent Toyota model
Europe  Toyota Yaris
America  Toyota RAV4
Australia  Toyota Hilux
Asia  Toyota Hilux
Africa  Toyota Hilux

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