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Peugeot was once the "government car". Since then up till now, the brand have released some really amazing models. We at Naijauto have decided to go back in time to bring you the best Peugeot models ever.

Many Nigerians never knew that Peugeot used to be makers of grinding machines back in the 18th century. Anyway, the brand has metamorphosed and churned out some of the most driven cars around Nigeria. When the launched their car assembling factory in Kaduna, Peugeot literally became the "government car" as it was mainly as part of the convoy government officials use. Since then up till now, the brand have released some really amazing models. We at Naijauto have decided to go back in time to bring you the best Peugeot models ever.

5. Peugeot 407 2.7 coupe - 2005 model

This model first came as a saloon car, and was actually manufactured to succeed the 406 Peugeot model. It came with a somewhat elongated nose, gaping grille and great design that made it appear confident on the road. Launched in 2005, it sold quite a number of units. The coupe version of the 407 model was more elegant and broad with a "better look" than the saloon. The seats were also made to be lower and set back as compared to the saloon, and funny enough customers preferred it.


The 407 coupe sells faster than any other peugeot model made in the 2000s

The 407 coupe made use of either a 2.2 liter four cylinder engine, a 2.7 turbo diesel engine or a 3 liter V6 engine - depending on which you prefer. Although most users like the V6 engine due to how it saves fuel, increases torque and boosts power. Keep in mind that lots of car brands like the Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW have the V6 engine installed in some of their latest models.

This Peugeot model is also lighter than its previous version and has a great balance on the road. A brand new one goes for about 11 million naira.

4. Peugeot 306 - 1993 model

This Peugeot model was the first family hatchback they made. It also became extremely popular in Nigeria that when you mention the word "wagon" this is the car that comes to mind. It came with the 1.9 liter, 1.8 liter, 1.6 liter and 1.4 liter diesel engines. It was introduced in 1993. The 2 liter diesel engine versions that come with almost 155 horsepower were introduced the following year.


The peugeot 306 was released into the Nigerian market in 1993

Many other versions of this Peugeot model were later launched; like the GTi-6, XSi and S16 versions. Many drivers still use this 306 model for commercial purposes in Nigeria.

3. Peugeot 403 - 1955 to 1966 models

These Peugeot models were released for replacing the 203 model which was successful in the automobile market in the mid 90's. They certainly as sedans, wagons, pickups and so on. It was designed to be spacious and be able to convey a lot of cargo. Its engine had similar features as the popular Mercedes-Benz 190 with only slight differences in performance, suspensions and fuel economy.

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2. Peugeot 505 - 1979 model

This midsize Peugeot model was made to be rugged and save fuel. It was built to run on rugged roads. Nigeria is probably the only country where this model is still assembled and sold brand new. The estate version can even take up-to 8 passengers at a time. It's spacious and has a conservative styling.


The peugeot 505 1979 model is one of the most rugged they ever made

1. Peugeot 504 - 1968 - 1983 models

Some people in northern Nigeria called this Peugeot model "the Best line". It was used as official cars by government officials in the 90's. Soldiers also bought them for ask little as N3000 after the civil war. It was made to run long distances, carry a lot of cargo and has a soft suspension.


The Peugeot 504 was like a post war trophy for the Nigerian roads in the 70s

Many came as pickups, coupe, saloons and estates. It's probably the best selling car Peugeot model ever made. It also came with a V6 engine, standard fuel injection and well balanced wheels. It's still sold in Nigeria and in definitely fit for Nigerian roads.

Reviews and prices of Peugeot cars in Nigeria:

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