Best car video games that can train you to win the next $30m Fortnite world cup!


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Video games are not just leisure activity, they can be a means of livelihood as the $30m Fortnite world cup has shown. See the best car video games here.

Introduction to Fortnite world cup

All over the world video games have become the heart of leisure activity for many children and even adults; games color our days and bring merriment to our hearts. When you can have fun and still make money, that’s not a bad mix, right?

The Fortnite World Cup is a professional electronic games tournament that attracts as many as 250 million players from different countries worldwide.  The last edition held in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium in New York City, USA in July, 2019.

Fortnite World Cup 2019 had players of age 12 and above at the entry level, with a total prize money of $30 million won. Fortnite Battle Royale has become the most popular video games tournament in the world since its launch in 2017

Giersdorf, the 16 year old US teenager from Pennsylvania who won the grand prize was one of the 100 players competing for $30 million. He played under the name “Bougha" and won the solo finals of the Fortnite Cup with a score of 59 points, 26 points higher than the first runner up, “Psalm”. He won the solo prize money of $3m!


Bougha took home the mind boggling $3m prize for winning the solo category. Will it be you next?

Video game categories include combat, strategy, role playing and of course, car races featuring exciting sports cars. Here are 5 exciting auto video games that can help you become a games master and scoop $3m just like Bougha:

Best 6 auto/car video games

1. GT Sport

The Gran Turismo game, also know as GT sport car game is an awesome game, best on PS4 or 4k. It is such a fantastic racing game that possesses the best graphics pictures you can ever think of and a whole lot of your choice cars. Adjustments on the number of cars has been made possible by its conspicuous nature. GT sport has been improving in its car lists and trails. This can be seen in the addition of F1 Trail to the game.


Gran Turismo Sport is a popular game with great trails

2. Forza Horizon 4

This is a unique car game and one on the best that is available in the world of car sports now. Forza Horizon 4 is a game that features the most alluring cars in history. Its gallery comprises vehicles with capacity for top speed. It is exclusive on X Box One and One X platforms. Its lane are imaginarily as real as tracks on British roads.

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Get in a little auto history with Forza Horizon 4 as well as mega fun on X-Box

3. Dirt Rally 2.0

This game is a product of Code masters,  and it is also known as DR 2. It is a brand of the Dirt game, an exemplary sport car game for Ride's natural philosophy. When played on 4K it presents astonishing graphical features that are highly cherished by car sport lovers.


Dirt Rally 2.0's 4k graphics really roar for car gamers

4. F1 2019

This is an upgrade of the previous F1 car game; it possesses features just like the new models of F2. It is good and functions effectively with great sense of graphics on PC, X Box One and PS4. This satisfies the years of anticipation and craving for exclusive car sport games by sport car games lovers.


F1 2019 is a sequel of the F1 game and has quickly garnered fans 

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5. Project Cars 2

Although still way behind GT Sport, the Project Cars 2 is also an enchanting car game. It enjoys a great volume and wide variety of cars to choose from. It features trending and modern cars for racers.

This game is good on both Xbox One and PS 4 although it can't be played interchangeably but there are a great deal of players to grace the race. It is therefore considered the best snap.


Project Cars 2 has a great deal of options of vehicles,making it a hit with many fans

6. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is almost as vivid as a real car while playing it; it has outstanding features and specs that gives a sense of originality. Just like in real life, you feel huddles, bumps, portholes and every characteristics of a real car, coupled with an awesome near original track to follow.

Although, this game does not have the greatest graphical features, many tracks and a variety of cars to tour with, yet it has a good sense of activities in the game with exclusive steering and pedal to add spice. It is great for speed lovers and most suitable for a Ps 4 and X Box channels.

This game is subsequently improving each day in content and features. A grand brand of Assetto Corsa comes with all DLC that has ever been released.


Phot-realistic graphcs and great sound fx give Assetto Corsa a unique touch


While electronic sport cars game lovers in 2019 have a variety of games to choose from, the above are fantastic ones whose features cannot be over emphasized. You could get your training on for the next Fortnite world cup, as well as other games that you can win money on. Many of these car games and the companies that make them generate a lot of revenue through merchandising, like making toy cars patterned after the autos on the games. You too can cash in on this with some online, prize winning games. 

Meanwhile, game producers on the other hand have promised to subsequently produce more breathtaking varieties of car racing games with great features to choose from as time goes by. But in the meantime, enjoy the exclusive selections specially recommended for you in 2019 above.

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