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Top 8 best car engines ever made

By Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Publish on September 19, 2019

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Car engines have become something like the stuff of legend, with millions of fans following one or the other. What are the best ever though? Check below for the top best car engines that have ever made!

The most important part of the car is its engine. Riding with a non-functional or less powerful engine can make you lose the perfect experience of an ideal ride. It all depends on how durable and robust the engine is; automakers have taken it as their responsibility to produce cars with great engines as this is what mostly attracts and interests many tech-inclined buyers to the vehicle.

Over the years, there have been cars with perfect engines while some are the opposite. In this list you are sure to find the most excellent car engines ever produced:

1. Duesenberg Straight-8 engine

This powerful engine was created in 1921 to 1937 by Duesenberg automobiles. This engine is a 6.9-liter straight-6 engine that powers out about 265 horsepower before the inclusion of a supercharger which gives out 320 horsepower. The Duesenberg straight-8 engine did not last that long, it was made for the special car Duesenberg, which was created by two brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg in 1920.

The main reason why we do not see the Duesenberg straight-8 engine these days is because of how expensive the car was. The era which the engine was produced was the period in which America entered a depression after World War 1. Thus, buying an expensive car was the last thing on their minds.


Duesenberg Straight-8 engine was part of a car that proved too expensive for the times

2. Porsche Flat-6 

Porsche is quite known for possessing the perfect interior structure but apart from having a flashy interior design; the Porsche Flat-6 car that emerged in 1964, is one with a great engine. This performance air-cooled Flat 6 generator is very suitable for luxury sports cars, aircraft and cruising motorcycles. Initially, the horsepower starts at 130; however, with assistance from the turbochargers and with the conversion to liquid cooling, it can go as high as 400 horsepower on the street.


Porsche Flat-6 engine powered sports cars such as the 911 Carerra

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3. Rover V8

Coming water-cooled, weighing about 144–170 kg, the Rover V8 engine is capable of giving out 158–340 horsepower with a torque of about 210–350 lb-ft. This engine was not known as the Rover V8 at the onset of production but as the Buick 215 engine. Then it was small yet light but was considered quite powerful.

It encountered a few issues with its oil sealing and coolants that are not suitable for aluminium. The Rover V8 engine was mostly used for cars mainly in Britain, and sharesthe same popularity there as the Chevrolet small-block V8.


The Rover V8 engine is popular in the UK, but has a problem with certain coolants

4. BMW Inline-6 

This was built in the aftermath of World War II when BMW tried to compete with Mercedes and also rebuild their brand after the war. The brand was quite successful in 1968 with its 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine; thus additional two cylinders were added to it. The straight-6 accompanied the Inline-6 engine, but BMW was not the first to initiate it as Mercedes started earlier.

Recently there have been several hints that there will be a significant comeback of the inline-6 as most popular companies like BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes are making use of it. Above all, one cannot ignore how smooth this engine runs. BMW has also built prominent varieties of engines which include the M1's M88 race vehicle engine that the leading M5 brands use and even the well-known E46 M3’s S54 engine.


BMW Inline-6 engine, the inline 6 is a favorite with high performance vehicles like Mercedes Benz and Jaguar

5. Lexus V8 

One of the many beautiful things about the Lexus vehicle is its V8 engine. Over the years they have proven to be durable and ultra smooth with high performance. This engine came into existence when Lexus showcased it first in the 1990 LS 400. This Toyota product is non-selective as it can be used in trucks, sedans, sports cars, and SUVs.


The Lexus V8 engine is so calm, a filled glass could ride on it and not spill a drop, with the LS 400

6. Honda B-Series

This was Honda’s first VTEC (Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) engine, and it came out very perfect for many of its users and supporters. It was super, quite reliable, easy to maintain and above all, it is economical because it consumes low fuel. It was the first mass constructed engine to produce 100 horsepower per liter.

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VTEC is a well used Honda engine technology, especially for Civic, and the Honda B-Series was the first of the kind

7. Honda CVCC

Standing for "Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion". When we mention CVCC, what comes to mind is an engine with decreased automotive emission by the Honda Motor Company as it assisted Honda to bag the Accord, the first Super Low Emissions Vehicle certificate in California. The CVCC is the forerunner to the VTEC, and then it trumped the emissions standards with no cost of horsepower.


Honda CVCC is great at lower emissions and has been used since the 1975 Honda Civic

8. Ford Flathead V8 

One reason the Ford Flathead V8 is popular is because it was the V8 that conveyed 8-cylinder power to the masses, and made it inexpensive. Also, it was less complicated. This engine was produced for 50 years as its first production left the factory yard in the year 1932 in March. This production went on till 1973 after 10 million units of it was produced.

In the US, there are still many unreconstructed Ford Flathead V8 lying around, and many enthusiasts out there still believe that the Ford Flathead V8 will be remodelled or reproduced.


The engine that gave 8-Cylinders to everyone, the Ford Flathead V8 engine, with the 1935 Ford Flathead

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9. Volkswagen Flat-4

This engine has a curious story. It was made by the German company VW and only kept alive when a Major Ivan Hirst first removed a bomb that was supposed to blow up the factory, and then later convinced the British Army to purchase 20,000 units of the Volkswagen Beetle. Its 20 milion plus units sold in about 70 years, makes this flat 4, air cooled engine truly one of the greats.


Volkswagen Flat-4 is one of the oldest engines still working in some Porsche models as well as of course the Beetle

These are great engines that paved the way for much of the fine autos that we have today.

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Joshua, or KK as friends call him, is a Filmmaker, Writer and Director. A Christian, Joshua is a product of Nigeria’s foremost film school, the National Film Institute, Jos, where he majored in Writing/Directing. Joshua began his writing career at age 18 when an older brother gave him a four page outline of a children novel. Joshua intends to keep writing and directing. His screen name is sometimes Joshua Kalu Ephraim (Writing), and sometimes Joshua KK (directing).