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Singapore airline has topped the list of best airlines in the world in 2019. Many airways have stepped up while others step down in service rank. Check details below!

Travelling in comfort and style is the standard every airline seeks to tow in other to provide travelers a great flying experience. Each year, the performances of airlines across the globe are reviewed and results made public. This year isn't an exception either as the airlines that made it to the top list as best airlines in the world for 2019 has been unvieled. This result was revealed in an annual Travelers Choice Awards organized by TripAdvisor.

This awards has made it into its third year, celebrating the airlines that are most loved by travelers for their value and impeccable service delivery. The algorithm used to rank these airlines are based on the quality and tons of ratings, review and opinions customers submitted on the websites.

The data used for the assessment was gathered from January to December, 2018 while using the quality and quantity of reviews gotten to determine the airline with top-notch service delivery for travelers.

In the list, Asian airlines are dominating with one UK airline making the list. has compiled the list for you as picked by travelers. Check it out now.

1. Singapore Airlines                            

Singapore Airlines snatched the top spot for the second time and was also awarded as the Best Economy Airline.


Singapore is present in every list related to services

See some reviews.

Singapore Airlines did not disappoint," wrote a recent flyer.

 With a great reputation it sometimes can be a let down when you finally get to fly with them BUT NOT THE CASE.

Excellent service and care. Great entertainment selection. Smooth travels

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways took a huge leap from ranking as the No 8 last year to becoming the 2nd best airline this year. Qatar was also awarded as the Best Business Class airline.


Qatar has made a huge leap from No.8 to Runner-up this year

3. Eva Air

This is a Taiwan airline that rose up from 5th spot last year to the 3rd place for 2019.Eva Airline was rated for its roomy economy seats and food served on-board.

See the reviews.

The seats are roomy, and are the most comfortable I have encountered outside of business class," wrote one recent traveller.

The food also exceeded our expectations for airline fare. I really appreciated being able to cross 12 time zones without feeling knackered at our destination.


The Taiwan airline is much complimented for in-flight meals

4. Emirates

All the way from United Arab Emirates (UAE), this airline is adjudged to be the largest airline in the Middle East. It renders its services in six continents. Emirate stepped down this year by one spot. It got its rating for their services offered on business and first-class. It also clinched the award for Best First Class.


Ranking #6 overall but Emirates was honored Best First Class

Check out some reviews.

I have silver and gold cards with two other airlines but the attention to detail Emirates applies to all its dealings is simply a class apart,

A complimentary upgrade due to the flight schedule was very welcome. The service and food on-board was first class in business. Emirates just do this end of flying better!

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5. Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Airlines is the biggest airline in Japan. It also stepped down by a spot in this year's ranking.


Japan airlines also stepped down one spot this year

See their reviews.

They make it priority to make sure customers are comfortable and have a good flight experience. The planes are well kept, clean, and the attendants do their best to keep it that way throughout the flight.

One of the top airlines available and still doing their best to make it better.

6. Southwest Airlines

From Dallas, the Southwest airlines still maintained its place as the No 6 best airline in the world. It’s the largest low-cost airline in the world. The airline offers free drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks on its flight. They also don't charge anything for two checked bags.


Southwest airlines is a leading low-cost airline in the world

7. Azul

Azul is a Brazilian airline and was at the 9th position last year. However, this year, it stepped up two places to rank as the 7th best airline. This airline provides a long haul experience featuring "Skysofas".Their economy class is grouped into four seats with enough room which can pass as couch. It’s the perfect row for couples, family and friends travelling together.


With these beautiful stewardess, Azul has stepped up to 7th position in 2019

Here's what travelers say.

Seats were comfy, and ample space not like other airlines that cram in an extra row," wrote one recent flier.

It felt spacious, welcoming, and just a good flight.

8. Air New Zealand

The New Zealand airline was occupied the 2nd spot in 2018 but dropped down to the 8th place in 2019.The airline also received an award as Best Premium Economy Airline.

See some reviews

"Was very impressed with the service and flight in general," one recent review reads.

There was a great selection of movies and shows to watch. The food was good and the space was great


Customers are truly impressed with space on Air New Zealand planes


The airline is a British budget-friendly airline. In 2018, it was placed at the 7th spot but dropped down to 9th this year. Notwithstanding, it was awarded as the best airline in Europe. The airline boasts of being an affordable family-friendly airline, with a 22kg luggage allowance.

The was voted as the best European airline

10. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

This is a Japanese airline and this is the first time it's making the list. Customers gave the airline a high rating for its service.

Here's what it looked like.

Very good customer service.

 Flight attendants very nice; food good. We are very satisfied with ANA airline


ANA always knows how to impress its customers

And that's it. So, if your favorite airline didn't make it to the top ten list, we hope they will, come next year.

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