Bermuda Triangle vanished Merchant ship since 1925 now found


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Shocking as marine Archaeologists find a merchant ship that had gone missing in the Bermuda triangle almost 100-years ago.

Some maritime Archaeologists and underwater explorers have just found a merchant ship that had been recorded as missing alongside all crew members at the infamous Bermuda Triangle since the year 1925.


This is the SS Cotopaxi, declared missing 95-years ago with all crew at the Bermuda Triangle

The found ship is identified to be SS Cotopaxi, a steam-powered merchant ship that went missing with its 32 passengers after leaving Charleston in South Carolina and headed for Havana in Cuba on the 29th of November 1925.

According to Fox News, existing records had it that this ship never made it to its destination and no one of the 32 passengers were ever found till this day.

In the new records now, the group of maritime archaeologists and underwater explorers that recently found this ship claims that it was located at about 35nautical miles off-coast of Saint Augustine in Florida.


Marine Archaeologist and Underwater explorers find merchant ship missing since 1925

Few statements revealed in a new Science Channel series that underwater explorer and marine biologist, Michael Barnette actually contacted a British historian named Guy Walters who helped him find this mysterious ship. Walters reportedly went through a series of achieves of the “Llyod’s of London” who was said to be the original issuer of this vessel. The statements covering this part reads;

"There he discovered something previously unknown about the SS Cotopaxi’s voyage. The ship had sent out wireless distress signals with a position on December 1st, 1925, two days after it left Charleston,”

It was recorded that another big ship was discovered at this same point about 35 years ago, later identified as “Bear Wreck”. However, further observations by these researchers have now helped discover that the “Bear Wreck” was the missing SS Cotopaxi from 1925.

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Meanwhile, the Bermuda Triangle is still a dangerous zone that spans across Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida with a record of over 1,000 disappearances recorded in the last 100-years as well as more than 75 aircraft and ships missing at the zone without any leftover traces.

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