Bentley Motors now produces honey


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The luxury automaker, Bentley Motors, isn't all about production of beautiful cars. Click here to see the 120,000 "Flying bees" used for production of honey by Bentley!

It looks like the original “Flying Bees” are already in town as an announcement was made last Wednesday by Bentley Motors, on the addition of 120,000 honeybees to 2 massive branded hives owned by the company at its factory in Crewe, England.

According to Bentley, the flying bees added are capable of producing up to 100 honey jars or thirty kilograms of honey annually from the farm.

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Bentley is not all about luxury cars - with multiple interest in other profitable ventures

The Bentley’s spokesman said:

“Bee populations are in decline in the UK, so installing two hives to help boost biodiversity is a great way to make use of the grassland at the edge of the site”

“Our ‘flying bees’ are honeybees that have been bred by local beekeepers with over 50 years’ experience. With their help, we’re checking on them every week and it’s great to see that they’re already starting to produce the first Bentley honey.”


The true "Flying bees" are set to light up Europe with enough supply of luxury honey on yearly basis

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Many people might not know that the luxury automaker is also into furniture business, in partnership with Club house, Italia. This got it inspiration from the selection of material and craftsmanship you would see inside cars like the Continental GT Speed and Bentayga.

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