Bentley ditches Linda Ikeji’s Mulsanne model due to slow sales and high demand for SUVs


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Linda Ikeji might be one of the few people with Mulsanne as Bentley is set to discontinue its production due to slow sales and demand for SUVs.

The British luxury marque Bentley is set to kill the production of the Mulsanne luxury sedan this year despite its sales outwitting strong competitor – Rolls Royce Phantom.


Bentley is set to end the production of the Mulsanne model due to slowing sales and growing demand for SUVs

This statement was confirmed by Adrian Hallmark, who happens to be the CEO of Bentley, during an interview with Top Gear, where he revealed that the fate of the ultra-luxury Mulsanne model was already sealed due to slow sales.

He said:

“The big sedan segment has been the foundation of Bentley for more than 100 years, but the volume has regressed – even though we sell more than the Phantom.”

“In the days of the Arnage we sold 1,200 a year. Since then the number of high-net-worth individuals in the world has tripled.”


The Bentley Mulsanne is an ultra-luxury model with a large body and spacious well-styled interior

Bentley made it known that about 500 units of the Mulsanne model have been sold every year, which according to them isn’t good enough to continue its production. One of the major reasons for the discontinuation is the growing demand for Bentley Bentayga SUV, which has affected the sales of the Mulsanne.

He also said:

“About 90 per cent of the sales are in the US and China. It’s older buyers in the US and Europe versus younger buyers in China. But they would mostly rather have SUVs.”

When the Chairman was asked about the possible replacement for the large Mulsanne, he revealed its non-viability since the company might not make a profit on a new model after the cost of production.


Popular Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji acquired her Bentley Mulsanne to celebrate the birth of her son

He added:

“The segment is in critical decline. If we replace it we still have to think about all the legislation for cyber-security, safety and emissions. It means we just wouldn’t get payback. It’s as brutal as that.”

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Bentley prepares to end the production of the luxury Mulsanne with the new limited-run 6.75 Edition

The discontinuation of the luxury Mulsanne doesn’t end the interest of the automaker in the production of sedan. The company has recorded a remarkable figure from the sales of the redesigned Flying Spur. The time to manufacture a single unit of Mulsanne, which took at least 400 hours, also accounted for the death of the model.

The discontinued Mulsanne will surely end on a highly celebrated note as Bentley is set to release the final model – a limited run 6.75 Edition.  Only 30 units of this final model will be manufactured.

Top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji recently claimed she is the sole owner of a Bentley Mulsanne in Lagos. Her model reportedly cost over 100 million.

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