Bentley Continental GT Number 1 Edition shares ties with the 1929 Bentley Blower Number 1


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Is it true that the new Bentley Continental GT Number 1 Edition shares ties with the Bentley 1929 Blower Number 1? See the two here to find out!

Naijauto got new updates featuring the all-new Bentley Continental GT limited-edition convertible that was created by the brand to celebrate its 100-year anniversary.

This new Bentley Number 1 Edition by the one and only Mulliner is actually done in the same styling as the old 1929 Bentley Blower Number 1 which was a legendary racing car that the brand prides in. This happened when the brand was just 10-years old. The Blower back then used a 4.5L engine that set a 137-mph average speed record in the year 1932 at Brooklands.

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The new Bentley Continental GT Number 1 edition truly shares lots of ties with the 1929 Bentley Blower Number 1

This new Bentley Number 1 GT is the third car among the 3 centenary Bentley editions, the first model being the Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition.

This Number 1 GT also features special touches that are only seen on the special 100 units that were built, with each of them having a direct memento from Bentley’s original 1929 Blower racing car; mementoes like a display piece that is built into the vehicle’s dashboard, which houses a small sized wheel spinner that is cast from the original piston of the 1929 Blower. The dashboard trim of this new GT is done in an “Engine-Spin” type style that is turned aluminium and the featured engine is a 6.0L W12.

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Celebrating 100 years with such a beautiful car like this Bentley Continental GT Number 1 Edition is truly Dope!

All of the Number 1 Edition Bentley cars are offered in either a Beluga or Dragon Red II exterior paint, and on the inside buyers get to choose either a Beluga or a Cricket Ball colour. They also come in the brand’s “Black Line” Specifications as well as combined with a type of Carbon Body kit and then the “Centenary Specification” also includes the special illumination and badging too.


Beluga or Cricket Ball colour? The new Bentley Continental GT Number 1 Edition comes in both colour options

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