Bentley ends production run for 61-year-old handcrafted V8 engine

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British luxury automaker, Bentley finally rolls out the very last of its handcrafted L-Series 6.75-liter V8 engine to end a 61-year-long production run.

After 61 years of producing the handcrafted L-series 6.75-liter V8 engine, British luxury carmaker Bentley finally ends its production run. It must be a completely new era for Bentley as its ending such a long production run that lasted over six decades. As a matter of fact, we can literally say that there are many automobile nameplates that are popular today but for the one that's spanned for more than 6 decades??? Wow!


One unit of the Bentley Mulsanne (6.75 Edition) by Mulliner will feature the last L-Series Bentley V8 engine

Out of many luxury brands available in the market today, we have many times found astonishing facts about the interior of Bentley cars. But it doesn’t just end there; when going down the memory lane, we found so many intriguing stories about the history of the Bentley brand as well. The British luxury automaker has been around for quite a long time but never seizes to deliver high-quality, top-notch luxurious cars till date.

The powerful L-Series V8 engine which Bentley is ending its production run requires about 15 hours to actually build just one unit. And during this 61-years production run, the automaker built 36,000 units with every single one having the same bore spacing and configuration.

Bentley rolled out the very first unit of this L-Series engine back in 1959. The engine was originally developed by some talented Bentley engineers during the ‘50s period as the best replacement for the straight-6 engine. It eventually improved overall performance in its first application where it delivered a staggering 180hp (134kW) in the Bentley S2 which at that time was more than standard.


The Bentley S2 was the first car from the British luxury automaker to feature its powerful L-Series V8 engine

After the first successful application of the L-Series V8 engine, Bentley just went on developing and adding more technologies like turbocharging to the already powerful engine. The automaker has over the years improved this L-Series V8 engine so much that its current output is now 530 horsepower (95kW) and 811 lb-ft (1,100Nm) of torque. Also, the emission of the engine has dropped by 99% compared to the very first version produced.

Check out this video below which shows how the Bentley L-Series V8 engines are made in the factory;

  How It's Made: Bentley V8 Engine

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