Bentley will remake 12 limited editions of the pre-war iconic 1929 Blower


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Bentley will recreate the world's first pre-war race car called the Blower.12 examples of the model will be produced in exact form of the original. Check more details below!

Bentley's Blower happens to be one of the most famous and historic racing cars on the track. Though it never won a race, it’s not going to stop the British luxury automaker from recreating the Blower as a continuation model.

The Blower was built by Sir Tim Birkin and as reported by Naijauto, only 12 examples of the iconic race car will be recreated. The figure represents how many races the historic car entered.


The iconic Blower was designed by Sir Tim Birkin

Tasked to build the pre-war racing car is Bentley's Mulliner division. The production will take two years and pricing announced later on.

The engineering team at Bentley will dismantle the original chassis #HB3403, catalog and scan the parts in 3D to develop a digital model of the Blower. Then tooling jigs, molds from the 20s and traditional hand tools will be used to manufacture the continuation series.

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Bentley will use the original chassis #HB3403 and scan in 3D to create a digital model

The 12 cars will bear a similar resemblance to the 1929 Blower but will discard some features that won't ensure the safety of the car. And to that effect, the semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension will be retained, together with mechanical drum brakes. The iconic car runs on a 4398 cc supercharged engine to pump out 240 hp at 4,200 rpm.


The iconic car runs on a 4398 cc supercharged engine to pump out 240 hp at 4,200 rpm

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The CEO and Chairman, Adrian Hallmark said,  

The 12 new Blowers will not only be an homage to our heritage, they will be a celebration of the outstanding skills of our Mulliner craftspeople.

This is a new challenge for Bentley, but with the incredible success of the recent restoration of our 1939 one-of-one Corniche, we wanted to go one step further and make something even more special. Twelve lucky customers will soon be able to own a unique tribute to Bentley’s history.


The 1929 Bentley Blower is all set to be reborn

The iconic 'Blower' was honored this year by Bentley during the debut of the Continental GT Number 9 Edition where a piece of the car's seat was featured.

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