Electric car bill rejected, Ex-Senator Ben Murray Bruce declares his Silverbird Group will henceforth only buy electric cars


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Hit or Miss? Ex-Senator Ben Murray Bruce publicly declares that his company – Silverbird Group will henceforth only buy electric cars after his electric car bill proposal was rejected by the senate. Read the full gist here!

Naijauto found a recent twitter update from Ben Murray Bruce – chairman of the Silverbird Group of companies and an Ex-Senator, who declared publicly in his update that he has given a directive for his company to henceforth only buy electric vehicles.

This announcement was made three months after Ben Bruce's electric car bill was rejected by other senators as well as criticized by the public.


Ben Murray Bruce – Former Nigerian senator and current Chairman of Silverbird Group

Why Ben Bruce's Silverbird Group decided to buy electric cars only

This “common sense” Nigerian ex-senator had initially presented a bill in the senate-house on the 10th of April this year 2019 proposing that Nigeria government should phase out petrol-powered vehicles by 2035 in favour of electric cars.

Unfortunately, his bill was thrown out right from the first reading and it never even made it further to second reading because the house concluded that electric cars usage in Nigeria were irrelevant and impracticable for now.

The United States has recently cut its oil demand by a whopping 89% and India has now withdrawn from demanding Nigeria’s oil. It is surprising how some of our top leaders and lawmakers are yet to be curious about finding alternative revenue generation for our dear nation even though its currently facing huge declines in the demand for its oil which is our sole economic backing power.

It is obvious that in 50 years to come, crude oil will hardly have much value to power our economy especially due to the fact that most advanced nations buying it from us do not need it any longer with their rising adoption of electric cars and trucks.

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Announcement of Ben Bruce on electric car adoption

See a screenshot of the twitter post by Ben Murray Bruce below;


Ben Murray Bruce affirms that his company will disapprove any loan for non-electric cars

Some of the critics claim that Nigeria’s current state of erratic power supply would render electric cars useless if adopted. But some few supporters, on the other hand, holds the view that; acceptance of electric vehicles at this time will gear up the Nigerian government to find a permanent solution to the unstable electric power supply once and for all.


As usual, most comments criticized the practice as impractical

You can check his original Tweet below!

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