Jaw-dropping ₦4.1 trillion China Airport (in size of 140 football pitches) nearly completed


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You will be mesmerized by these photos of the new ₦4.1 trillion China Airport that is the size of 140 football pitches. The airport has been in final stage of construction, check its design & real-life pics here!

China has many times made headlines here on Naijauto for their remarkable innovations when it comes to transportation and this time, they even took things to a whole new level.

Yes, after spending four years and ₦4.1 Trillion (£9 billion), China has finally completed the construction of its new Beijing Daxing International Airport.


This is the 3D illustration design of the giant airport


And here it is, the new ₦4.1 trillion Beijing Daxing International Airport in real life

This mega super-modern airport is designed with a primary target of having it reduce the pressure currently placed on the usually overcrowded Capital International Airport in Beijing. The new airport is now set to be opened officially on the 30th of September 2019, which is also the eve of China’s 70th anniversary that is being celebrated since 1st of October 1949.

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What can you say about this view from inside the Terminal of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport?

The gigantic new Beijing Daxing airport has 4 runways and amazing potential of conveniently receiving up to 72 million people yearly. The airport is even expected by the year 2040, to have expanded and to be equipped with 8 different runways that will include one dedicated for use by China military forces – and it should have reached the capacity of receiving 100 million people yearly by then – to make it one of the world’s busiest airports.

This new airport was supposed to be 700,000 sqm by initial plans but ended up being 1 million sqm – close to the size of 140 football pitches. Zaha Hadid Architects designed the airport’s eye-catching starfish-shaped terminal which is now the largest “single terminal” building in the world.


The Terminals of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport are capable of receiving up to 72 million travellers yearly

To make things even more interesting, China added a metro line and train station right underneath this already gigantic airport terminal but for the very thoughtful reason of allowing travellers to easily reach the centre of the city directly from the airport in less than 20 minutes. Amazingly, this added subway feature pushed the project’s estimated cost further by more than double to a whopping $23.7 billion or ₦8.5 Trillion.

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This is what you will see when you look up inside the Terminals of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport

Statistical predictions claim that China should see 1.6 billion aeroplane journeys annually starting from the year 2037 – which is a huge 1 billion increase when compared to 2017’s figures. While these two Beijing Airports are both expected to only conveniently receive just 170 million travellers combined by the year 2025.

According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), the United States will be overtaken by China as the largest aviation market in the world by the year 2022 which is now 2years sooner than all previous predictions.


Just a part of Beijing Daxing roof

Currently, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport located in the United States is still the world’s busiest airport, after which is Capital International Airport in Beijing – both accommodating millions of more travellers yearly than any of their rivals.

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