[Photos] Bauchi Uni student converts Keke NAPEP to run on solar energy


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A Bauchi state Fed Poly student has gone viral after successfully converting a petrol-powered Keke NAPEP to run on Solar electric energy. See photos here!

A certain Nigerian student who graduated from the Federal Polytechnic at Bauchi State recently went viral for his innovative skills and achievement. The young man successfully converted a petrol-powered Keke Napep (tricycle) to run on Solar electric energy. What’s more interesting about his story is the fact that he reportedly completed the project by himself and his converted Keke Napep is said to be working perfectly well. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?


Bauchi Fed Poly student, Kamaluddeen converted petrol-powered tricycle to run on Solar electric energy and it works

According to reports, this impressive innovation is the work of one Kamaluddeen who is confirmed to be a designer that recently graduated from the Electrical & Electronics Department of Fed Poly in Bauchi. He was said to have started this project since 2018 when he envisioned to transform a regular petrol-powered Keke Napep to become solar-powered.

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Kamaluddeen reportedly spent a bulk of the entire time researching and studying how to transform the fuel-powered powertrain of the tricycle to run on electrical energy. After gaining so much knowledge over a 2-year period, reports claim that it only took Kamaluddeen just two months to put all he had learnt into work and finally created this solar-powered Keke Napep.


On a full charge, Kamaludden’s converted Solar-powered Keke Napep is said to be able to run for 10 hours non-stop

The viral news of Kamaludden’s project brings to mind a similar report from a few months back when a UNIZIK graduate also built a solar-powered tricycle in just 21 days. Below is a press video confirming the report.

  Nigerian builds solar-powered tricycle in three weeks

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